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Manchester United faced a wolf in Molino on Sunday and drew with Fulham, who had already been demoted in Old Trafford during the week.

With second place in the Premier League, there’s nothing to worry about before the match, but it could be an opportunity for fringe players to audition for the Europa League final with Villarreal.

This to bet the offer before the final check website — It made me laugh at some places where Villarreal’s price is 4/1, despite the advantage of taking longer to prepare for Wednesday (playing at Real Madrid on Saturday).

Last day emotions

No matter how the season progresses, we usually feel some sadness as we approach the final round of the same game. It only involves the dark perception that football has been trapped for some time.

I don’t care about the difference this season. As the stadium was vacant, I couldn’t really enjoy it as a fan this season. If this pandemic thinks of me anything, it means that football is nothing without fans.

They tried to leave the European Super League behind us and the repulsion was perfect, but it should continue until the next season when we can all enjoy standing with our peers and standing behind the team.

I feel bitter. As for the club owner, I didn’t feel sick.


All eyes are in Gdansk. Unfortunately, I didn’t vote successfully, but I’m sure everyone traveling to Poland next week has a great time.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is expected to spin hard due to a clash with Premier League wolves this weekend. He has suffered several injuries to players such as Fred, Scott McTominay and Harry Maguire. So he doesn’t want to take any more risks. It’s also an audition to make sure Mason Greenwood and others will play against Villarreal. Anthony Martial doesn’t have to be close to the team.

Tests for United’s defense

Every game feels like a test of our defense. Fred and McTominay aren’t formidable duos to form a shield before defending, so I think we need to address the issue not only in defense but also in the midfield.

We are lagging behind other Premier League teams in the division, and some readers know that wolves claim to have better options across the midfield. I would like to agree, but do they have Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba? Let’s see if Solskjaer is allowed to deal with it in the summer.

I think Nemanya Matic will offer that “shield” with Donny van de Beek on Sunday, but Axel Tuanzebe and anyone he’s partnering with will need to be careful.

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Wolf v Manchester United: Three things to look forward to Wolf v Manchester United: Three things to look forward to

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