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Bottas finished third behind winners Hamilton and Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, making a third pit stop just before the end of the race and scoring fastest lap points.

However, after Bottas first passed Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari in 3rd place, he lost his chance to win the opening round of the 2021 F1 season.

By the time Bottas regained his position, due to the gap with the leader, Mercedes decided that following Hamilton’s strategy to undercut Verstappen was the best option. The slow second pit stop due to a wheel gun problem further compromised that effort and secured third place for Botta.

After the race, Bottas said he was disappointed and surprised that his team put him in a “defensive” strategy.

“Sure, I was disappointed,” he said. “It was good for the team because I got good points, but strategically I went to the defensive side instead of attacking. I’m very surprised at this and it’s not normal at all.

“Then I made a slow pit stop, which robbed me of any opportunity.

“Surely we were able to get two cars [up front] That way, I can try the strategy, but I think I can still get more out of it today. “

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When asked by if there was an alternative strategy Mercedes could choose, Wolff explained that there was no other option at the table, noting that Bottas was first overtaken by Leclerc and jeopardized his chances. ..

When asked about Bottas’ comments, “I don’t think there was a strategy at the table,” Wolff said. “I also tried undercutting at Valtteri, so I think his race will change.

“The result we didn’t want was that he lost his position at the start of the race and couldn’t regain the gap with the two previous guys. The pit stop undercuts Max. There was a problem with the right front wheel gun, which may have been successful. “

Wolff understood his driver’s frustration because Bottas didn’t have all the information available to him in the cockpit.

He said: “When you have limited information, I fully understand the frustration of a car, and say:” I think we could do something else “.

“I don’t know what other strategies I can implement. One stop was obviously impossible. The media wouldn’t have reached the end. The midfield hardware was lacking in performance.

“There was no other option available.”

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Wolff responds to Botta’s “defensive” F1 strategy complaints Wolff responds to Botta’s “defensive” F1 strategy complaints

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