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German car makers are at the center of a plot about Hamilton’s future, and the current contract of the world champion has expired at the end of the year.

However, despite speculation that the debate ran into obstacles, Wolff is more calm about the situation.

He says the fact that he and Hamilton couldn’t meet in person complicated the discussion and slowed the discussion as contractual issues passed through their legal team.

Talk to an Austrian broadcaster ORF, Wolff said: “The lawyers are working hard. Of course, when we discuss Zoom and keep sending curveballs to lawyers, we don’t make their lives easier. But he’s in America now and I’m here. I will complete it at some point. “

Wolff said the logistics to close the deal delayed things, but didn’t feel there was a major obstacle to crossing the line.

“It’s a way of negotiating,” he explained. “You always come from different places, but that’s normal.

“We have a really solid foundation in our relationship. We celebrated great success together and we want to continue to do so.

“But sometimes it needs to be discussed in detail, which can be time consuming or still time consuming, but at some point before Bahrain, something needs to be signed.”

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Wolff also revealed that the speed George Russell showed when he represented Hamilton at last year’s Sakhir Grand Prix was not used as a bargaining tactic to gain an edge in salary terms.

“We have never played a George Russell card,” he said. “He’s doing incredibly well and will one day be the top car, but our long-standing partnership isn’t about threatening gestures.

“We know we want to race together, and now we have to negotiate a contract.”

Wolff also revealed that he had been inactive for some time after being infected with the coronavirus during a break in Austria.

At the Kitzbuhel Downhill Ski Race last weekend, Wolff said: “I was planning to stay here for a few days. I got a positive corona test out of nowhere. I’ve been here for 10 days now.

“But everything is fine. There are no symptoms. Thank God. It may not have worked, but we are out of quarantine.”

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Wolff says Hamilton’s new F1 deal is delayed by a “curve ball” Wolff says Hamilton’s new F1 deal is delayed by a “curve ball”

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