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Wolverine Power Cooperative, Michigan Solar Array Clenella Contract

Clenella When Wolverine Power Cooperative We have signed a 20-year electricity purchase agreement (PPA) between Wolverine and Gemstone Solar LLC, an affiliate of Clēnera. Gemstone Solar is expected to go into commercial operation by the end of 2023. It supplies Wolverine members with 150 MW AC (180 MW DC) of clean energy.

Developer of large-scale solar and storage projects Enlight Renewable Energy Ltd., Manages the construction and operation of Gemstone Solar.

Wolverine states that it is currently providing its members with 60% carbon-free electricity. Wolverine’s current renewable portfolio includes over 210 MW of wind and solar.

“Wolverine’s mission is to provide its members’ co-operatives with a credible competitive edge,” said Eric Baker, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Wolverine Electricity Cooperative. “We are proud to have built a 70-year history with significant additional efforts on responsible, sustainable, carbon-free projects such as Gemstone Solar.”

Gemstone Solar occupies approximately 1,000 acres of land in Cass County, Michigan. Construction is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2023.

“Crenella has had great success in Iowa and Indiana over the past few years, so we are pleased to partner with Wolverine Power Corporation to move into Michigan and provide clean energy to our customers,” said Clenella. Jared McKee, Vice President of Business Development, commented. “Not only is we increasing renewable energy in the state, but we are also seeing significant growth in Clēnera, which is demonstrated by Gemstone Solar.”

Wolverine Power Cooperative, Michigan Solar Array Clenella Contract Wolverine Power Cooperative, Michigan Solar Array Clenella Contract

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