Women in Esports launch women-only tournament at FACE IT

The British Esports Association, a non-profit organization founded to promote and support grassroots esports, is part of an ongoing Women in Esports initiative with FACEIT, the world’s leading platform for competitive online gaming. We are affiliated.

Women in Esports has its own organizer page at FACEIT, creating tournaments and hubs exclusively for women. The Women in Esports Initiative has created a welcome community that encourages more women (including trans and Sith women) and non-binary players of Fam Identification / Fam Presentation to participate in esports tournaments of all levels. I am aiming.

Women in Esports sees women-only tournaments as a stepping stone to give women confidence and experience and to seek further participation in other tournaments (mixed or other) in the future.

The organizer’s page will first focus on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) as the first title of the tournament and hub, primarily for the great women’s community prevailing in FACEIT with this title. The variety of tournaments and hubs will expand later with future pilots of other titles.

The first 5v5CS: GO tournament, the Lioness League, will begin registration on Friday, November 27th and will take place on Saturday, December 12th. One elimination bracket contains up to 32 teams. Participants can join as an off-the-shelf team or as a solo player to form a team. The prize will be 3000 FACE IT points. The winning team has 2000 points and the second place has 1000 points. This is the beginning of a regular monthly tournament.

The CS: GO hub allows players to create teams and scrim each other. The application makes the hub private and open to femme identification / femme presentations involving women (including trance and Sith women) and non-binary players.

Women in Esports has also created its own community Discord server to facilitate the goal of providing a comprehensive community space. The server is public, open to everyone, and has many social channels, announcements, industry sections, and specific tournament chats. It is scrutinized, moderated and constantly updated according to feedback and changes along with the initiative.

“We are pleased to partner with Women in Esports, a team that shares our passions and values. FACEIT is committed to opening up grassroots opportunities and supporting the community. We want everyone to feel comfortable and confident when taking the first step towards esports. We hope that this hub will provide a safe space for women to get together and compete. hoping.” Sue Lavasani, FACEIT’s account manager, said.

Alice Leaman, Schools and Colleges Liaison Officer at British Esports, said:

“Through esports women, we aim to build a community and encourage more women to participate in the industry. By partnering with FACEIT, we are more regular at all skill levels. You can start developing tournaments and opportunities. Creating a community discord will provide a dedicated space to celebrate the diversity of esports. “

Would you like to participate?Please follow us FACE IT organizer page, Register the first team Women Only CS: GO Tournament, And join us Discord women in the esports community..

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Women in Esports launches women-only tournaments with FACEIT

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