Wonder Woman 1984 director reveals what she was most worried about the movie

Only a few weeks after the release of Wonder Woman 1984, a sequel to the DC movie was screened for some members of the press. After that, I had the opportunity to ask Patty Jenkins about his experience in making a sequel to DC Super Hero. For Jenkins, filming was the biggest aspect she was most worried about, as the cast and crew worked nine months a week for six days, and really worried whether all their efforts would pay off. Was a movie villain.

In a zoom call with the press last Friday, Jenkins said, “It was miserable to run a cheetah. I wanted to put a cheetah in it. But from day one,’Wow, this must be right. Must be. “”Wonder Woman 1984 was produced long before the release of Cats (and the subsequent online campaign to release the nightmare fuel musical Bathole Cut on Anthropomorphic Cats), so Jenkins was in CG. The cheetah, who was aware of how terrifyingly the entire movie could collapse if generated, had terrible results.

And given that one of her previous Wonder Woman movie’s biggest criticisms was Ares, the CGI villain in Act 3, Jenkins is anxious to tackle another CG-generating villain. The reason for this is easy to understand. (For clarity, actress Kristen Wiig plays Barbara Minerva, the cheetah’s non-CGI human alter ego, in a significant portion of the film.)

“I was very afraid that it wouldn’t look right,” Jenkins said. “It took every second from the start of preparation to locking the photo and getting there. It was very difficult to do it every second.”

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Fans can determine for themselves what Patty Jenkins’ view of the cheetah was when Wonder Woman 1984 debuted at HBO Max at the same time in domestic and international theaters (and 4K) on December 25th. ..

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