Wonder Woman 1984 Director takes turns and participates in the controversy

Wonder Woman 1984 Initially acclaimed when it was released internationally, critics praised its sweet and heartfelt nature. However, when it rises on HBO Max, Considerable repulsion For the DC sequel, the romantic subplot between Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince and Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor was launched online by those who believed it was a serious problem.

You see, in the movie Diana uses a mysterious dreamstone to hope her long-dead beauty Steve returns to her-and he does. Steve’s spirit is returned to Earth, but he lives in a random man’s body (due to the magic of wishes, Diana still considers him Steve). One scene is characterized by a couple waking up in bed together, strongly suggesting that they had sex. Many have criticized Steve as a non-consensual act because he hijacked someone else’s body.

Director Patty Jenkins did not initially address the controversy, but eventually spoke on this topic, following the advocacy of the story advocated by fans. Twitter user @DustyDontshoot outlined his thoughts on why he believed that plotting was allowed. When Jenkins retweeted the post, they seemed to mention what Jenkins was trying to do. Exactly @DustyDontShoot !! “

Fans claim that Jenkins deliberately “plays” with the metaphor of body-swapping films, “intentionally pointing out the problematic nature that all these films must avoid.” He says this is evident from the fact that the wishes given by Dreamstone are portrayed as bad throughout the film. He also suggests that Diana and Steve’s time may have been “actually eradicated from the real structure of the film” because of the power to change the world of Dreamstone. Anyway, the end of flick is coming.

Jenkins left it in his first tweet, but apparently the post sparked a lot of controversy in his reply, and the original theorist elaborated on his points accordingly. For example, for those who think this behavior deviates from Diana’s personality, fans blame it on Dreamstone. Just as the Cheetah and Maxwell Lord were corrupted, the stone temporarily “lost contact with truth and dignity” to Diana.

What do you think about this Wonder Woman 1984 Controversy? Please make a noise in the comments.

Wonder Woman 1984 Director takes turns and participates in the controversy

https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/woman-1984-director-responds-body-swap-controversy/ Wonder Woman 1984 Director takes turns and participates in the controversy

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