Wonder Woman 1984 has become IMDb’s lowest rated DCEU movie

So Wonder Woman 1984 The reaction keeps flooding the internet and things aren’t that great. The first film was a huge success in virtually every definition, raked in a lot of money and praised by a wide range of critics, but the sequel can’t say exactly the same thing. As a good example, IMDB has become the least rated DCEU movie since the franchise began. man of Steel Returned to 2013.This distinction was previously made by 2016 Suicide squad..

According to IMDB Wonder Woman 1984 At the time of writing this article, it holds a 5.7 rating.It puts it just below David Ayer’s Suicide SquadThis helps explain the perceived decline from film to film, as the original Wonder Woman is one of the top DCEU films on the site. It currently holds a rating of 7.4. man of Steel And Shazam Then sit at 7 for both. Aquaman At 6.9 Batman vs Superman Justice Birth 6.4 and Justice League At 6.3. Birds of prey We conclude with 6.1.

Relation: Warner Bros. wanted 1984 Wonder Woman to cut one of the two opening scenes.

This is just one indicator, but it seems to be in line with general consensus when compared to 2017 Wonder Woman. About Rotten TomatoesThe first movie holds an important approval rating of 93%, which is consistent with an audience score of 84%. Again, this is one of the top franchise entries on the platform. Wonder Woman 1984Meanwhile, it has a critical rating of 65% and an audience score of 74%. It’s not a disaster, but it’s not what Patty Jenkins and Warner Bros. wanted. Birds of prey Above that (78%), Aquaman Just below (65 percent).

It’s hard to tell what this means for Gal Gadot’s second solo adventure as an iconic DC Super Hero. Today, many cinemas in the United States and around the world are closed again for health and safety. Wonder Woman 1984 Debut in the theater and above HBO Max Over the weekend, I received $ 16 million at the box office. It will be a disaster in other years. But it represents the biggest opening weekend for any movie since the first shutdown happened in March. The total amount is currently about $ 85 million worldwide.

But in the end, WarnerMedia did this Streaming The box office debut hasn’t been included in the card for some time, so play. At that point, the studio decided to release the entire 2021 movie slate in both the theater and HBO Max in the United States. The move has been sharply criticized by many in the industry, with studios allegedly costing billions of box office revenues. result.

Despite the half-baked reviews, we have never seen the end of Diana Prince. Wonder Woman 3 Both Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot will be back and have already been announced. The release date has not been confirmed at this time.This news is IMDB..

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Wonder Woman 1984 has become IMDb’s lowest rated DCEU movie

https://movieweb.com/wonder-woman-1984-imdb-lowest-rated-dceu-movie/ Wonder Woman 1984 has become IMDb’s lowest rated DCEU movie

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