Wonder Woman 1984 lost its fresh reputation certified by Rotten Tomatoes after HBO Max’s debut

DCEU fans cheered when it was revealed Wonder Woman 1984 Within hours of the release of Rotten Tomatoes, it was “fresh certified” with an impressive score of 89%.Its rating was one of the best ever scored by a DCEU movie, but subsequent reviews weren’t very kind. Wonder Woman 1984, Lose “Certified Fresh” rating.

At the time of writing this article, the movie’s tomato meter score was 65%, a significant drop in rating. The audience score is excellent at 73%, but it is still incomparable to the first 89%. On the other hand, in today’s era, Rotten Tomatoes is by far the most popular review site in the world, so stale ratings are definitely not good news.

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But on the other hand, before DCEU movie Score is low or even lower Wonder Woman 1984, That is Aquaman And Suicide squad, Was able to overcome the negative reviews to kill the box office. In franchise films, most of the revenue comes from brand loyalty.Considering the original Wonder woman The blockbuster released in 2017 should be enough to convince fans to check the sequel themselves, rather than relying on the tomato meter.

The big question is how Rotten Tomatoes scores affect movie revenue. Wonder Woman 1984 It has already underperformed the international market, which was released before the United States, and has earned about $ 38.5 million, well below the industry’s forecast of $ 60 million. Boxoffice.com Chief Analyst Shawn Robbins Believes $ 15 Million box office Debut in the US will be the optimistic numbers you’d expect.

“Wonder Woman 1984 sees the strongest ticket presales in any pandemic movie to date, but given the number of weekends, I’m cautiously over $ 10 million. Leaning on. Movie theater closure, Viewer’s attention, and simultaneous streaming release. While numbers close to $ 15 million may be achievable, there are many unpredictability to take into account at this time. “

Of course, most of the success Wonder Woman 1984 It’s not just about how much you earn, it’s about the number of new subscribers it brings. HBO Max, Streamed in the first month of release. Again, brand loyalty can play a bigger role than critical reviews.

Jenkins used to Wonder woman I urged Warner Bros. to give her free control while making the sequel. Now, if the filmmaker chooses to return to the franchise, that free domination will probably end.

Directed and co-authored by Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman 1984 Stars are Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, Pedro Pascal, Natasha Rothwell. The film will arrive at the theater and HBO Max on December 25th and will be released in theaters on the international market from December 16th. This news can be found at: Rotten tomatoes..

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Wonder Woman 1984 lost its fresh reputation certified by Rotten Tomatoes after HBO Max’s debut

https://movieweb.com/wonder-woman-1984-certified-fresh-rotten-tomatoes/ Wonder Woman 1984 lost its fresh reputation certified by Rotten Tomatoes after HBO Max’s debut

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