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After debut Wonder Woman 1984 Warner Bros. Pictures soon at the theater and at HBO Max Wonder Woman 3 When Gal Gadot Come back as a DC Comics superhero Patty Jenkins Return to oversee the sequel.

Warner Bros. officially announces plans for fast track Wonder Woman 3..Announcement from the studio chairman Toby Emmerich Come after that first weekend Wonder Woman 1984 Movies have been available for a total of 30 days in theaters across the United States through the HBO Max streaming service. Emmerich said in a statement:

“As fans around the world continue to embrace Diana Prince and drive a powerful opening weekend performance for Wonder Woman 1984, we tell her story with our real-life Wonder Woman-Gal and Patty. I’m excited to be able to continue. A long-term plan theater trilogy. “

Always Wonder Woman 3 Will go into production, it hasn’t been seen yet.The sequel will be tracked soon, according to a Warner Bros. press release, but Disney and Lucasfilm have already set a release date. Rogue squadron, Recently announced Star Wars A movie that will also be directed by Patty Jenkins. It actually has a release date and is probably going further, so Rogue squadron It will be the first.But maybe not because Patty Jenkins is already working on it Wonder Woman 3 For a while.She recently Cinema Blend’s Reelblend podcast:

“I actually came up with the story, but Geoff Johns and I beat the whole story. Wonder Woman 3 That we were very excited. But I’ve never felt this way. I don’t think I’m doing that next, so I have to wait where we are in the world. That’s interesting.What i wanted to talk about [Wonder Woman 1984] There was a great deal of foresight in what I was feeling and what you were feeling. So now? I’m not sure. The world has changed a lot. I still love the stories we came up with. I think some of them will come. But I’m trying to say, “Don’t decide.” Don’t fall in love with anything. See “What does Wonder Woman do now?”. What do you want to do for Wonder Woman in this world? “

How the story Wonder Woman 3 It changes in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. At least Patty Jenkins is officially involved, so we need to see how the schedule runs.This is probably the last, as Toby Emmerich said, “This is the end of the long-term drama trilogy.” Wonder woman Going out for the director.There is also the possibility that Gal Gadot can be made Wonder woman If Patty Jenkins chooses not to return. It probably depends on the future of the DC Extended Universe. flash, DC Comics We promise to shake the whole movie world of movies.

This type of announcement is usually accompanied by a box office celebration of the latest franchise release, but due to the coronavirus pandemic. Wonder Woman 1984 I earned only $ 16.7 from domestic box office. Combined with the worldwide release from the pre-Christmas weekend, the DC Comics sequel has earned over $ 85 million worldwide. However, the streaming release seems to be a huge success for HBO Max.

In a press release, HBO Max states that nearly half of all retail subscribers have viewed it. Wonder Woman 1984 It was available on the first day. Meanwhile, millions of people have watched over HBO Max access via cable, wireless, or other partner services. Andy Forsel, WarnerMedia Direct-to-Consumer Executive Vice President and General Manager, said in a statement:

“”Wonder Woman 1984 In the first 24 hours of service, it broke records and exceeded expectations on all major viewing and subscriber metrics. The interest and momentum we see shows that this is likely to last well beyond the weekend. During these very difficult times, it was great to give families the option to enjoy this uplifting movie at home, where theater viewing was not an option. “

It is important to note that Emmerich specifically mentioned in the press release that this was a “long-term theater trilogy.” Perhaps as a way to suggest that Warner Bros. has released all the movies, but is still devoted to major theatrical releases. At the theater and at HBO Max at the same time Throughout 2021.After all, Patty Jenkins recently Said this in the media Until the release of Wonder Woman 1984:

“If the situation is right and the theatrical model is still possible, I’d like to do a third one. I don’t know if I wouldn’t.”

Certainly Warner Bros. knew this, and this was Wonder Woman 3 It will be released in the theater at any time.That doesn’t rule out the idea that the movie goes to HBO Max, but we’re betting because many industry insiders say WB’s 2021 release strategy is just an experiment. Wonder Woman 3 At the same time, it will be exclusively available in theaters without streaming releases. But anything is possible. Stay tuned for more details.

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Wonder Woman 3 Officially Green Light with Warner Bros. Photos – / Film

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