Wonder Woman 3 Participates in DC’s Reworked Movie Schedule after 2022

Wonder Woman 1984An important streaming premiere of Christmas Day at HBO Max has had interesting results. In particular, with stunningly powerful shows in theaters at $ 16.7 million in North America and $ 68.3 million abroad, attention is shifting to the future of the DC Extended Universe with the untitled Sleek El. Wonder Woman 3 This is a confirmed part. However, Sleekell will eventually arrive through the studio’s ambitious new 2022 and later release structure.

Last weekend, an announcement from Warner Bros. Pictures Group Chairman Toby Emmerich confirmed plans to move the studio into production as soon as possible. Wonder Woman 3, Closing the film trilogy and holding the main duo of star Gal Gadot and writer / director Patty Jenkins. Still, the announcement from the streaming premiere on the historic holiday weekend, which would have been one of the biggest box office revenues of the year (without a pandemic), made Sleekell under development exclusive. Theatrical release makes it especially clear what you are aiming for.In other words, after Warner worked through what was revealed 2021 blockbuster HBO Max dropWith a twist of the pandemic era, expect it to return to normal theater rations in 2022.

Walter Hamada, president of DC Films, a previously modest owner of DCEU, has revealed some interesting details. To New York Times About the studio plan for 2022. With the 2021 streaming jackpot in the rear-view mirror, the industry, no, the world, hopes to have COVID in the bud of the saying as vaccines are being distributed. In this way, Hamada confirms the new release structure starting in 2022. DC Films aims to release four exorbitantly produced DCEU films a year in theaters. However, Hamada has also confirmed plans for additional superhero movies that will be released exclusively on Premium Streamer, so the studio’s HBO Max pandemic escape pod will not be completely abandoned.Therefore, each year, two DCEU movies arrive at the HBO Max streaming slot specially reserved for “more dangerous” characters, and there are already pregnant movie projects such as: Batgirl (Once Joss Whedon belonged directly) And Static shock It is clearly identified as one of these streaming-only.

Of course, this release structure is a continuation of DCEU’s temporary existing plans. Succeed with HBO Max, The sequel to director James Gunn Suicide squad Currently, before 2021, it was one of the theater offerings and will be streamed on August 6th. After that (on a date not yet published), the spin-off continues. TV series Peace maker, Star John Cena replays his ruthless antihero vigilante role from the sequel movie.From there, DCEU A-listers are set to take the theatrical release baton, and Robert Pattinson wears Earth’s Matt Reeves cape and cowl on screen two sets (as Hamada reveals). )Reboot Batman, March 4, 2022 (side road Gotham PD TV spin-off Despite the plan), a solo film that subsequently developed a version of Ezra Miller over the years and established the Multiverse flash November 4, 2022, and Untitled Aquaman 2, December 16, 2022, with star Jason Momoa and director James Wan.

Wonder Woman 3 Participates in DC’s Reworked Movie Schedule after 2022

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