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Wonder Woman has few people bravely trying to confront the cinema.

new Wonder woman The sequel earned $ 16.7 million at cinemas in North America this weekend. This is the largest US opening weekend since the pandemic began, but it’s a small amount compared to the typical box office revenue during the Christmas holidays.

The movie starring Gal Gadot was the first epic experiment that Warner Bros. made its blockbuster movie online and in the cinema on the same day. Hollywood studio We are working on a permanent pandemic in the United States.

Warners Wonder Woman: 1984Disney’s, with a budget of about $ 200 million soul The production cost is about $ 150 million, both of which made their digital debut on December 25th. With the release, Christmas Day became the largest content drop in streaming history and the culmination of a year of high-risk experiments in Hollywood.

“Christmas 2020 is a watershed moment for the film industry and the streaming war,” said Rich Greenfield, a partner in the research group’s Lightshed. Wonder woman “It was the biggest budget movie ever [to go] Directly to streaming. ”

World wide, Wonder Woman: 1984 According to ComScore, they made $ 85 million in cinemas and $ 16.7 million in the United States and Canada.

Over 300,000 Americans were killed in the United States, with cinemas almost empty, as the pandemic raged. Big movie studio It made a move that was unthinkable less than a year ago.

Among the most radical actions taken, Warner Bros. announced this month that it will release all films next year on the HBO Max streaming platform on the same day it debuted at the cinema. The news shocked the industry and caused anger from filmmakers making films for Warner.

Christopher Nolan makes a big bet on the cinema Tenet He failed to arouse the US audience, saying the move was “economically meaningless.”

“Even the most casual Wall Street investors can see the difference between turmoil and dysfunction,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

The cinema lost about $ 32 billion this year as the pandemic hit the business, according to research group Omdia. Attendees have returned in some countries like South Korea, but the United States, the largest movie market, has not recovered.

This left an impossible challenge for Hollywood studios. Studios plagued by expensive projects mostly release them to empty cinemas and bring them online with financial losses or delay them in the hope that the world will return to pre-pandemic normal next year. Facing that.

Disney, the largest studio, takes a hybrid approach and Mulan Online for an additional fee while planning other releases, such as upcoming releases Black widow, At the cinema. Sony has postponed most of its blockbuster movies to next year or 2022, but Comcast-owned Universal has experimented with paid digital releases of movies such as: Troll: World Tour.

But Warner Bros., long seen as Hollywood’s most creative-friendly studio, takes the most extreme approach.

Relatively poor box office performance Wonder Woman: 1984 Warner’s strategy needs to be validated. When you release a movie on HBO Max, you should have more subscriptions to your streaming service. According to Warner, nearly half of HBO Max’s subscribers saw Wonder Woman on Christmas Day.

WarnerMediaHome to HBO and Warner Bros., is one of Hollywood’s most coveted catalogs. However, HBO Max is struggling to gain traction. Analysts say the slow start is due to the $ 15 / month price, which is higher than most rivals, and the recent gap in distribution with platforms such as Amazon and Roku that allows users to add apps. I think it’s a thing.

AT & T acquired Time Warner for $ 80 billion in a deal signed last year. This is because telecommunications companies have entered entertainment and tried to adopt Netflix. HBO Max is important to that goal.

AT & T CEO John Stanky defended Warner’s film distribution strategy this month.

At the Investor Conference, Stanky aims to “enable the industry to enter this transition” with online and theatrical releases. “We knew we needed to try something different.”

Wonder Woman has few people bravely trying to confront the cinema. Wonder Woman has few people bravely trying to confront the cinema.

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