Wonders to reveal the reality that Wakanda remains hidden

Wakanda, the country of Black Panther, is facing major changes at Marvel’s Heroes Reborn event. This reveals the history of the country as a myth.

Marvel’s new Heroes Reborn The event arrives in May and witnesses a completely rewritten universe where the Avengers never gather. instead of, Squadron Supreme of America Instead, he became the strongest hero on earth. In addition, it has been reported that the Avengers voids create a spillover effect and that several other elements of Marvel’s history evolve in new ways. One of the most interesting changes Black pantherThe Kingdom of Wakanda remains a myth and never reveals itself to the world.

Black Panther first appeared in the 1966s Fantastic Four # 52, Watching Marvel’s first family come into contact with King T’Challa and at the same time technically discovering his secret existence Advanced Kingdom of Wakanda, Hidden deep in Africa. Over time, King T’Challa chose to expand his relationship with Wakanda’s presence and the rest of the world, while providing his own help and support as one of the Avengers.However, the image from new Heroes Reborn The event suggests that Fantastic Four has never gained power in this new universe. In other words, you will never be a Fantastic Four and you will not have an adventure that involves meeting King T’Challa.

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In the May summary Heroes Reborn The event revealed that Wakanda never made those advances to integrate with the rest of the world in this new universe. ‘Welcome to a world where Tony Stark has never made Iron Man’s armor. Thor is a drunk atheist who looks down on the hammer. The place where Wakanda was rejected as a myth. Perhaps because Fantastic Four had never met Black Panther, the world under the protection of Jingoism’s Squadron Supreme of America is a world where Wakanda’s country felt comfortable to participate. It may not be.However, Latveria’s ruler, Doctor Doom, has already been teased as a major enemy of the squadron, so it could also pass through it. Broken phil coulson (It seems to be positioned as one of the main villains of this event) saw the country as a threat. If so, he could have sent a brainwashed SSA to completely and secretly eliminate the African nation, and the general public was unaware of its existence.

Black Panther Fantastic Four Comic

In this new universe, there was another king other than T’Challa and Black Panther (someone like M’Baku or Erik Killmonger) who could have wanted to hide and isolate Wakata for decades. There is also sex.Recently Black panther Comic is featured Wakanda spreading to the starsSpread to the stars, using the vast resources and advanced technology of vibranium. Wakanda did not reach out to other parts of the world, and then simply left the planet behind and colonized it into a new world, which may be remembered in myths and legends.

Wakanda, hidden in this reality, opens up many possibilities, but the event is Jason Aaron’s. the Avengers Run, who sees T’Challa as the team leader, could answer questions about why he isn’t on the world stage. Coulson and his master Mephisto Probably because of the new universe Heroes Reborn Introducing, and what would be incredibly interesting to see Black panther And the role of his country will be in its future.

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Wonders to reveal the reality that Wakanda remains hidden

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