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Woodshow Scrap Viking settled in the United States 1000 years ago

Some wood products found in the ruins of Newfoundland, Canada, have exciting paintings. The Vikings were on these shores 1000 years ago in 1021 AD. This is the earliest known Atlantic human crossing in history before Columbus discovered the Americas for more than 450 years.

Aerial view of a reconstructed Viking Age building adjacent to the L’Anse aux Meadows ruins. Image Credit Glenn Nagel Photography.

Not exactly news The Vikings have reached the Americas Before European explorers officially “discover” it. As far as we know, these Scandinavian explorers have settled in what is known as L’Anse aux Meadows on the Newfoundland Peninsula today. I know this happened in the 1st millennium BC, but I didn’t know the exact date.

However, new studies have provided reliable estimates of when the first Europeans arrived and settled on these coasts.

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“Relics are not” exhibits “or” works of art “in any sense. They are really just wood scraps. Dr. Michael Dee, an associate professor of isotope chronology at the University of Groningen and the corresponding author of the paper, emailed ZME Science. “The wood ended up in a nearby swamp, which was in very good condition for the preservation of organic matter. That is how they survived to this day.”

These pieces of wood were identified as belonging to the Vikings, based on evidence of their location within the settlement and of the surface treated with metal tools. The indigenous people who lived in the United States at that time Metalwork, Make this a very reliable indicator of the origin of the relic.

The authors analyzed these pieces of wood found at L’Anse aux medosite using carbon dating (or “radiocarbon dating”) techniques. This type of analysis cannot reveal when the wood was processed, but it does tell when the original tree was first logged. Organisms such as plants take up carbon from the environment during their lives. This process stops when they die or are cut down. By analyzing the proportion of carbon isotopes in a sample of organic tissue and comparing it with many historical references, researchers can fairly accurately estimate when the process has stopped.detail Radiocarbon dating here.

Microscopic image of a piece of wood from the north layer of L’Anse aux medo. Image credit PetraDoeve

It was the “sudden increase” that allowed the team to reach such accurate results in the case of these pieces of wood. [in the production of the 14C isotope] Caused by a cosmic ray event. ” This increase has been recorded to occur “synchronically with annual ring dating records around the world” and is therefore a highly established and reliable event for dating pieces of wood so far. The particular marker they used here was a change in the proportion of carbon isotopes in the atmosphere caused by the AD993 cosmic ray event.

When I asked Dr. Dee what was the most exciting moment in doing this study, he told me:

“Ultimately, it was very surprising to measure the isotopic concentrations of many annual rings from three different pieces of wood from three different trees and discover that they were all cut down in the exact same year. It was a good thing. That year was exactly a thousand years ago! “

According to the team, these results position 1021 AD as a new timeline for the first contact between Europe and the Americas.

“We provide the earliest dates for Europeans in the Americas. Indeed, it is the only date for Europeans in the Americas before Columbus arrived — about 471 years later. This date is also the Atlantic. This is the first time in the history of humankind that has crossed the world, and human beings have traveled all over the world. I think this is especially important. “

Beyond the value of these discoveries to historians, this paper also makes cosmic ray events historic events, even though they have been completely removed from archeology and what is happening on Earth. Shows how it can be used as a reference point for dates.

The paper “Evidence of Europe’s existence in the Americas in 1021 AD” Release In the journal Nature..

Woodshow Scrap Viking settled in the United States 1000 years ago Woodshow Scrap Viking settled in the United States 1000 years ago

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