Workaround for EA issues with Madden NFL 21 server sign-in issues

Since the latest patch was released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC yesterday, many users have expressed concern about not being able to sign in to the Madden NFL 21 server.

EA acknowledged this issue yesterday The team is planning to submit an emergency patch to completely resolve the issue, so we released a workaround today.

Follow the workaround instructions below for your particular gaming system to resolve the issue. We will provide updates as new patches are released.

Xbox One

  • Close the Madden NFL 21 application from the Xbox One dashboard
  • [オプション]>[Maddenのゲームとアドオンの管理]Choose
  • Go to “Saved data”
  • Go to “Reserved Space”
    • The file should be about 4GB
  • Select an option for that file
  • Select Clear Reserved Space
    • Select CLEAR RESERVED SPACE to confirm the action
  • Restart your Xbox One
  • Launch Madden NFL 21


  • Close the Madden NFL 21 application
  • Select an option for Madden NFL 21
  • Go to “Delete”
  • Insert the Madden NFL 21 disc and launch or reinstall the game from the PlayStation Store if purchased digitally
  • Install Madden NFL 21
  • Once fully updated, launch Madden NFL 21


  • Close the Madden NFL 21 application
    • Wait for it to close completely
  • Change to this file directory
    • C: ProgramData Frostbite Madden NFL 21 LCU
  • Delete the LCU folder
    • Right click on the folder[削除]Choose
  • Reboot the system
  • Launch Madden NFL 21

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