World of Tanks Blitz graphics updates and additional content

World of Tanks Blitz It defines the entire genre of games, has recorded over 170 million downloads worldwide, and brings together players from different platforms. And now, with just the 8.0 update, we’re launching the 7th Anniversary Ceremony, offering more realistic visuals and a new line of American heavy tanks.

“World of Tanks Blitz has a tradition of removing important updates, adding special activities for anniversaries, and celebrating them with the community. Impacting performance this June. It offers a player base with numerous improvements over the years of graphics development that make the visual experience of the battlefield even more realistic, a new US tank line with fresh mechanics, and many fun modes and events. “ Andrey Ryabovol, Product Director of WoT Blitz, said:

“To thank our fans for their long-standing enthusiastic interest and valuable feedback, Blitz is honoring this month with a senior award in honor of their in-game achievements. Happy Birthday, World of Tanks Blitz! “

With Update 8.0, Blitz’s graphics are even more flashy, with realistic suspension behavior, sticky mud and snow, and visibly wet when soaked in water to wash away (and dry later) all dirt and snow. Cool new features have been added, such as the vehicle you are using. The physics-based rendering makes the metal surface more glossy and the rubber and cloth parts more elastic and fluffy. Five new vehicles with improved graphics quality are already in the game and will be added in the future. All 370 tanks already in the game will also be gradually upgraded to new standards.

The new American heavy tanks are four Tier VII-X vehicles based on a tank project created in 1953 as part of the United States Army’s advanced research program. This shows that experimental and sometimes quirky solutions are used, such as engines placed in turrets. All newcomers are good at hull-down play because they are “stiff” and have a good gun depression. It also has a new “track in track” feature, which makes it difficult to pin. For both Tier IX and X vehicles, you can choose between two autoloading guns with clips for two or three shells. The first option has a larger alpha and shorter time between shots in the clip. Second, it improves clip reload time (and increased DPM), as well as accuracy and armor penetration.

The birthday celebration begins when World of Tanks Blitz invites you to Blitzland, a tank-themed amusement park. Visit the Shooting Gallery (June 14-21) and the Strength Meter (June 21-28) to earn a unique Tier V Pz. Panzer IV Gargoyle and Tier VII Kunze Panzer tanks. Also, be prepared for the resurgence of popular mud games and uprising modes. Souvenir Stall will open for a week on June 21st.

Check the schedule of Blitz birthday activities on the official portal of the game.

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World of Tanks Blitz Graphical Update and More Content Added

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