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Raids on Nasria Castle and Season 1 are scheduled for December.

The World of Warcraft Shadowlands expansion has been postponed earlier this month, just one week before the originally planned October release date, but will begin on November 23.

Blizzard initially told World of Warcraft fans to look forward to Shadowlands on October 27, but “it became clear that additional polishing needed a little more time, and some interlocking parts. After deciding to “balance and repeat”, we decided to postpone the release. ..

so New statement Released with today’s revised launch date, the developers said, “Further enhancements include overhauling combat and rewards in Maw, and reworking the covenant system to make choices more instant and influential. We used additional time to polish and enhance the endgame. “There are clearer and longer-term goals. “

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Shadowlands is the eighth major extension of World of Warcraft, introducing “a resting place for all mortal souls (noble or vulgar) that have ever lived.” More practically, this brings five new zones that players can explore: Ardenweald, Maldraxxus, Rivendress, The Mo, and Bastion, the home of the angelic soul, lead Kirian.

The Shadowlands “pre-launch event”, in which players try to protect Azeroth from the resurrection of Scourge, began on November 10, and Blizzard confirmed the first attack on the expansion, Castle Nasria. Revendreth’s Retreat in Sire Denathrius ”-Opens December 8th with Shadowlands Season 1.

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