World of Warcraft leaked movie fans worried about Sylvanas’ story

Player started the latest World of Warcraft Expanded by chasing the former War Chief and the current villain Sylvanus Windrunner from Veil to Shadowlands. But nevertheless, I could only get a glimpse of her in the cutscenes. The latest cutscene from Torghast’s Twisting Corridors also features Sylvanas, data mined by Wowhead, and fans already Reaction — and worry About the ultimate fate of Sylvanas.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Torgast and upcoming movie content.

Sylvanas has committed a large number of war crimes over the last decade.She may have been behind Wrathgate at Rich King’s wrath..To Cataclysm, Girlfriend definitely The plague bombed the country of Guinius in response to a clear command from a horde of leaders.To Legion, She tried to kidnap and enslave Aile, the Queen of Valkyr.To Battle of AzerothShe began to expand with the arson genocide, and then continued to kill, mind control, and sow the mayhem until she quit her job and fled to the afterlife.

It’s hard to know how someone can get back from all that bad behavior and become a hero, the world of Warcraft It was always strange. Prove that the end justifies their means forever, as certain characters will come back and save the day. Kael’thas Suntrider, a former prince of the pedigree, has begun his redemption in the vampire hell, Revendreth. The alternative Grom Hell’s Cream redeemed itself with Doraenol. Maiev Shadowsong killed a lot of people, but she apologized, so everyone is cool with her.

This comeback tour template is from another Blizzard game: Sarakerigan, also known as the Queen of Blades. Her story goes almost parallel to Sylvanas: they were both taken and became agents of the alien invasion army. Both were released from mind control and used their newly discovered powers to cause havoc. However, Kerrigan eventually became a great hero who was promoted to the position of the god of the universe and saved everyone from the greatest evil around him.

Will Sylvanas do the same? The movie above seems to imply that she has a conscience after all, and Warcraft’s nicest boy is pulling her heart. But on the other hand, the movie frames her in exactly the same pose as the iconic Rich King promotional shot.Later there was a similar comparison Shadowlands Movie Trailer — Blizzard seems to be an attempt to get fans to think about the similarities between the two characters.

Blizzard overturned the metaphor of the choice and recently achieved redemption Legion.. The first half of the story focused on Iridan, and Naal Zera talked about how great he was and why we should be ashamed of fighting him in the Black Temple. Then, in a twist, Iridan refused to cooperate with Zera. Instead, he killed her, pulled “yes, nothing personal, kid” and kept things going in his way.

It’s quite possible that Sylvanas has a similar see-off and stays in Shadowlands or Mo. It is not yet known if her exact plan, or if she could betray the prison officer. It’s entirely within her personality, and she’s been playing 5D chess long enough to make it possible.

But on the other hand, Sylvanas has killed many and has expressed little regret for any of them. The burning of Teldrasil, the campaign in Guinius, and the horde of civil wars she caused are all huge problems. It seems unfair for Sylvanas to leave as a good man in any position after discussing killing hope and smiling to afflict civilians.

Will Sylvanas return to Azeroth with a victory, or will he be another raid boss with a drop of sweet loot?Whatever the outcome, Sylvanas is the most talked about part of World of Warcraft For years, it’s not a small feat.

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