World of Warcraft players react to losing the Flight Master whistle

The best part about the new World of Warcraft Expansion is the discovery of all new toys, including fun mounts and new abilities in class. But Blizzard Entertainment can take things away, so we try to keep the game from getting cluttered after 16 years of growth.To Shadowlands, There are two major changes. That is, everyone has to walk everywhere. We all have to jog uphill, surrounded by souls screaming in super hell, while a big shirtless man glares at us from a distance.

Players can use regular mounts in most cases. ShadowlandsHowever, the player cannot call the mount because the mau is so dangerous because the animal does not react. In addition, Blizzard has removed an item called the Flight Master Whistle. This will teleport the player to the nearest flight point. That means we’ve lost a lot of mobility, and prison officers are supposed to blame at least 50% of our new struggle.

It not only adds a sense of danger and anxiety to the game, but also makes the world feel bigger. Players do not go straight to the quest mob, kill immediately, blow a whistle and teleport immediately and safely. These changes make sense … but players are joking or joking about it anyway.

For example, the druid class does not require a mount. They turn into their own mountains, sprinting as noble stags, and the rest of us all flutter with our terrible and stupid slow feet.

Other players mourn the lost convenience and hope that their friends have never taken the whistle of an airplane for granted.

It is always possible for Blizzard to add FlightMaster’s Whistle in a future patch. As extensions get older, it’s common for developers to come back and make things easier. For example, a player can usually unlock the ability to fly months to expansion after spending an initial level on the ground with a horse and wolf vehicle.

But Shadowlands I feel more dangerous now because I have to walk around, not just teleport.Prison officer is a completely new addition World of Warcraft Canon, and if he can give us some serious consequences, it makes him much more intimidating.After all, for veterans World of WarcraftThere is little more scary than spending a few minutes extra on our daily grind.

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