World of Warcraft Shadowlands-Class Changes

All World of Warcraft extensions have undergone major class changes, and Shadowlands have changed significantly more than in most cases. The World of Warcraft Shadowlands is a different experience for many players, as the overall game leveling structure has been completely overhauled and many spells and abilities have received similar attention.

Blizzard talked about their philosophy of World of Warcraft Shadowlands classes, wanting their disciplines to feel like powering up some of the class’s kits rather than narrowing down the toolset. Shadowlands adds many options, from game stories to quests you face, factions you can join, and even how to play your class. In World of Warcraft Shadowlands, the idea is that classes are more impactful and allow you to make meaningful choices behind your character.

This all means that some major changes will be made. If you want to know what’s coming up in the World of Warcraft Shadowlands class, read on. We try to make sure you are ready for what is waiting for you.

New class

First, there is the issue of a new class in the World of Warcraft Shadowlands. This time Blizzard has chosen not to add new classes to the game. Instead, they decided to focus on customization and new abilities to really dive into making your character feel more of yours. There are no monks, death knights, or demon slayers here. However, there is plenty to try as the allies’ races are constantly expanding and all existing classes are being revamped.

Level squish

A major change in Shadowlands’ World of Warcraft is level squish. Previously, statistical squeeze was implemented and all statistics are smaller to avoid the problem of escalating challenges. Now even the level is squish.

The maximum level that can be reached in Shadowlands is 60, which is half the 120 of Battle for Azeroth. This will completely restore the game, as the original World of Warcraft also shared this level limit. As a result, everything looks a little different and your health and damage may not be as high as you are used to – but in context, everything works. You will also find that each level brings something new in order to make the level up a little more impactful.

Great Shadowlands Pruning

As World of Warcraft evolved over time, many classes of abilities and talents were removed or integrated into others. Shadowlands revives previously pruned, long-forgotten spells and abilities. Some others will be available regardless of class specifications or will be moved from Azerite abilities to class abilities.

Old abilities such as Hunter’s Mark for Hunters, Devouring Plague for Priests, and Wrecking Ball for Warriors are all back. World of Warcraft classes have a few more tools and some options to choose from. Perhaps your old favorite talent will come back.

Shadowlands global cooldown changes

If you’re not sure what the World of Warcraft Global Cooldown (GCD) is, let’s summarize it.

A global cooldown is a period in which an ability is used and then the ability cannot be used again. In Battle for Azeroth, many attack abilities have been added to the GCD. This means that the rhythm of the battle has increased. You fire a fireball, suffer a global cooldown, and wait to fire another ability.

In Shadowlands, some abilities have been removed from GCD and others have had their global cooldown timer changed. This happens after Blizzard recognizes that some classes, especially those that specialize in burst damage, are being blocked by GCD. You will find that you can cast more often in these classes such as monks, mage, warriors, and druids. It should make the experience of playing these classes much more fluid.

Area of ​​influence damage

It’s one of the biggest changes in Shadowlands, and it’s a change you’ll find in classes that specialize in catching large groups of enemies, such as Fury Warrior and Outlaw Rogues.

Previously, whenever you cast an AoE spell or ability, it would attack all enemies within its range of effect. Now, in Shadowlands, all abilities are capped, and some abilities are higher than others.

Blizzard’s rationale here is to make sure that the class is good in certain situations. Fury Warriors are good when 4 or 5 enemies are clustered, while Friction Warlocks are good over time against 5 or more targets. The goal is to make World of Warcraft play more strategic. That is, you need to use the right spelling and the right class in the right situations.

Shadowlands Covenants

Legion had artifacts and class holes, and was Azelite in Battle for Azeroth. At Shadowlands, you’ll join the Covenant. When playing in Shadowlands, choose to form an alliance with one of the four Covenants: Necrolord, Killian, Benser, and Nightfay.

This will lead to the folklore you experience and the aesthetics your character has throughout Shadowland, but you will also gain certain covenant signatures and class abilities that enhance your character’s class.

Detailed changes to the World of Warcraft Shadowlands class

As always, there are hundreds of changes to a particular class. Some of these are huge and will change the way you play the game, others are small and may be overlooked. For more information, we recommend visiting WoW Head.

Are you excited about getting the new class changes that Blizzard has implemented in World of Warcraft Shadowlands, or are you working on them carefully? Visit the community forums to comment on the latest enhancements to the World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands – Class Changes

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