World of Warcraft: Shadowlands’ covenant system is still a big player choice

World of Warcraft Fans are always excited about new expansions — it’s like unpacking a big gift chock full of content.But the player was worried about one thing Shadowlands: Covenants, an endgame system where players join one of four powerful factions for new abilities and sweet cosmetics. The system seems to be working as the expansion is over and fans have time to delve into the campaign.

It’s a simple system: choose one of the four main ones Shadowlands Commit to the region and its purpose and gain powerful abilities and sweet gear. World of Warcraft It wasn’t a traditional talkative RPG with a choice of BioWare style, but over the years it’s no longer a real role-playing game. Shadowlands We aim to change this.

“It ’s one of the main themes, Shadowlands Frank Kowalkowski, Blizzard’s technical designer, said in a phone call with Polygon: The contract is intended to be one of those choices. You need to experience them as you level up, then pull the trigger to make a selection. “Whatever the motive for making that choice, it will be very well known.”

“We don’t want this to be just like slipping when you return to town. We want to make this choice meaningful,” he added. ..

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Shadowlands Take lessons from before World of Warcraft Expansion, Battle of Azeroth, Provided some small but character-based choices. Are you on the side of war chiefs and rebels in the civil war? Would you like to wipe out the giant eyeballs on your skull or let the old divine influence settle there? Now, Shadowlands There are covenant choices, but there are also many additions and tweaks to the dialog tree, such as using the inscription profession for clever quest dialog options and choosing the hometown of a spaceflight character.

“The theme of choosing the Kovenant fits into where the Shadowlands are and that story in the first act of the story,” said lead story designer Steve Danuzer. “Think of it as multi-act play, the first act is to deal with the difficulties that plagued Shadowlands, the drought that robs all animas.”

The player is neither the only champion nor the main hero. They are one of the many Maw Walkers that emerged from Azeroth. Players need to strengthen the four rules, so each player makes a choice. “Knowing who speaks to you and that other heroes are building other heroes as well, you want to support which one,” Danuzer said. “If you move that idea forward, the theme will be’OK’ as the story progresses. We have built up our strengths. So how do you combine them and bring them to the prison officer? Will you face a greater threat? “

Shadowlands It asks the player to make a choice, partly to understand the character’s ideological stance. Does my paladin believe her past is a virtue or a burden? Is she watched over by duty and glory? None of this is incredibly sophisticated. World of Warcraft Always close to the pulp of comic books Spec Ops: The LineBut it’s still a stronger choice than fans are accustomed to.

So, despite the wrath of the fans, the developers remained the Kovenant’s choice, albeit with the option of slowly switching to a new group.

World of Warcraft-A group of Alliance adventurers face a giant undead in a dungeon

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But fan concerns came from the real place — fear of making the “wrong” choice. What if the Knight of Death chooses a Night Fairy and then can’t find a group because it’s such a suboptimal choice? What if the raid checks and confirms that it has selected the appropriate conventions for emitting the most DPS?But World of Warcraft ClassicEasy on the hands of modern players, can be plagued by gatekeepering. In gatekeeping, leaders try to make sure everyone is playing the “right” way.

Now that the expansion has taken place for several weeks and the endgame content has begun to be unlocked (including Covenant’s Endgame activity and Castle Nasria raid), Covenant seems to be a successful system. Wowranks, a website that tracks in-game stats, keeps track of what Covenant players are choosing. On this site, Night Fay is the most popular at 30% and Necro Road is the least popular at 15%. The ideal and perfectly balanced set of four covenants is about 25% per one, but that’s not a bad distribution from the start, and later patches can further diversify the choice of covenants.

“We wanted to make more choices about which of these groups we wanted to work with. Which one did we talk to thematically,” said Danuser. “A bigger story about what’s happening with Sylvanas and with greater power? Make it a more shared experience for people.”

If Shadowlands If you can succeed in overcoming the player selection hurdles that can affect a player’s DPS rotation, it will be a big step towards making it. World of Warcraft With the realized character as a star, it feels like an appropriate RPG. For me, I had to sit down and solve the covenant with my character in a puzzle. World of Warcraft By age.

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