World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands defeated in just 3 hours

So I just bought World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands. This is a new expansion pack filled with a fantastic and mysterious new world for exploration. Obviously, your first idea is to grab it all and burn the leveling experience as soon as possible. So it was one lucky Warcraft player who sprinted through Shadowlands at a record pace, cleaned the same dungeon for three hours in a row, and became the first person to reach level 60.

Shadowlands may have fallen only last night. However, as Wowhead discovered, EU-Al’akir player Monkeylool manipulates the MMORPG’s group finder to completely disassemble the extension, rather than efficiently exploring the five new regions of the game. This allowed me to race levels 51-60 in 3 hours. Leveling curve.

It’s generally accepted that running dungeons is a much faster way to shatter the levels of World Of Warcraft. In the case of Monkeylool, this meant running a Necrotic Wake instance many times in Bastion and passing it through with a lively pop of 5-6 minutes. However, dungeons are usually level gates, and if they fall above or below the recommended level range, they cannot be queued.

However, if you have at least one party member within that range, you can still queue them. That is, after crossing the level 56 threshold, the Pandaren Speed ​​Runner Guild roped the level 51 members and opened the gate, so to speak. Wowhead shouts at least another player, Ryan “BastuDK” Smith. He finished second in the race to 60 without this cheeky exploit.

But who can get angry with this happy panda? Well done, companion.

Obviously, the world’s first bragging rights play a major role in this effort. But that does mean that leveling is a bit of a nasty chore for WoW. It’s something that blows away to reach the end, not something that you enjoy because of its own benefits. Shadowlands’ leveling squish reduces the game’s previous level cap of 120 to 60, making it very likely that you will move out of the zone long before you finish the plot thread. Don’t worry that most of the important story beats occur in endgame raids. days.

To be honest, 3 hours is shy about the execution time to study and attack the lo-fi beat albums that Blizzard has collected. Perfect background listening, no matter how long your leveling adventure is.

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World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands level cap was smashed in a brisk three hours

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