World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands is live

Everyone, get the best gear. It’s the day of expansion. World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands has been released, so take a look behind the veil. The global launch of the latest campaign has begun, so if you’re already committed to your trip to the afterlife, you can start now.

If you haven’t caught up with the details of WoW’s next adventure, the pros and cons are heading to those famous Shadowlands and the five new zones they make up. The Dark Lady Sylvanus Windrunner, wearing a rich king’s helmet, broke the barrier between life and the afterlife. It sounds like you are responsible for attacking and defeating death itself.

The extension adds four new “contracts” related to the afterlife that you choose to match yourself. There is also a new tutorial zone called Exile’s Reach, which will revolutionize the way new players introduce their games. Technically, the current maximum level players have been pushed down to level 50 to fit in the new (old) level cap 60.

Whether you’re an old or new player, Christos Reed said good from an early survey of the expansion. “The amount of tutorial upgrades is immediately apparent. Clear and concise tooltips guide players from the basics of movement and user interface to buying and selling items, combat, and group / dungeon roles. It’s all about you. My goblin mage has been taught how to use frost magic to slow down an enemy’s advance, how to fire for burst damage, and utility spells to manipulate the battlefield. “Reed says. “Not only are we expecting to press the button carefully, but we are also taught to understand the character as a dynamic toolkit.” There are many changes in quality of life for long-time players, says Reed. Increasingly, and telling your peers to try WoW for the first time should be easier than ever.

In October, Blizzard decided to postpone the expansion. When they announced that they would set today as a new date, they provided the latest information on what else players can expect since their first impressions landed. “We’ll spend time refining our expansion, reviewing combat and rewards in Maw, recreating our covenant system, making our choices more immediate and influential, setting clearer long-term goals, and more. The endgame has been enhanced. “

Check out the Shadowlands content patch notes before jumping for more details and more.

With the release of Shadowlands, you can get an extension on for $ 40.

If you’re waiting in the inevitable release date queue, you might like to grind Shadowlands-themed lo-fi beats.

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World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands is live now for you to explore the afterlife

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