World Update 4 in Microsoft Flight Simulator Polishes France and Benelux

Microsoft Flight Simulator was restless when it first went on sale, but since its release, developers have made special polishes to the world map by country. World Update 4 now brings that detail to France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. This includes new photo magic in two major cities and three new handmade airports.

The trailer above ends with “The sky is calling”. Personally I decline the call and want Sky to leave a message or text instead.

Photogrammetry is a photogrammetry that enables a more accurate architecture in the cities of Flight Simulator, and World Update 4 applies that process to Paris and Amsterdam. This means that the building looks like a real building, rather than having Flight Sim’s proprietary algorithms make inferences and accidentally turn the Louvre into a block of a typical apartment.

In addition to the handmade Mejeve Airport, Nice Côte d’Azur Airport and Rotterdam The Hague Airport, there are dozens of new and sophisticated points of interest with updates. These include the Arc de Triomphe (if you dream of flying a plane) and Fort Boyard if you dream of being scolded by Leslie Grantham.

Complete release notes can be found on the Flight Simulator site. After downloading the latest game updates on Steam or the Microsoft Store, you can visit the in-game marketplace to download the free France / Benelux content updates.

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