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Worms Rumble is a significant departure from the usual chaotic brands known in the series. In most worm games, teams take turns trying to blow up worms from other teams, which usually fails brilliantly, but Rumble takes all the traps of invertebrate battles and is fast-paced multiplayer. Twist on the shooter. It doesn’t feel like a worm, but it’s still pretty good.

Instead of taking charge of the entire team, Worms Rumble allows you to control one worm in a multiplayer match with 31 other players. Everyone runs, shoots, and avoids fairly large maps at once. The worm can now crush itself into a ball, roll around Samus from the Metroid style, move a little faster and jump a little further. There is also a wall jump skill to reach high places without using hooks. You’re much more mobile than you might expect, which is good news given that you now need to aim and avoid incoming shootouts, and real-time worm weapons are incredibly dangerous.

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Many fan favorites have returned from previous worm games such as sheep launchers, banana bombs, shotguns, and trusted bazookas, but there are also some new additions. A launcher simply fires a rocket volley, turning the room into a burning, bug-like death, or assault rifle. I think this is also a little fun. Spawn with a weapon, but anything that explodes in particular must be found on the map. You can also move faster with utilities such as grenades, jetpacks, and grappling hooks. The important thing is that all weapons are treated differently, so if you expect your shotgun to be treated like a hand cannon, you’ll probably die.

As mentioned, it doesn’t really feel like a worm game. In fact, it’s a lot like Crash Commando, but it’s not that bad because I loved Crash Commando. Worms rumble is also a lot of fun. It’s hilarious when you’re in the middle of things and fighting people from multiple sides with banana bombs and sheep launchers, but that also works. In many cases, you can take pretty impressive shots while avoiding sheep and plasma balls. Once you get used to sending rockets in the direction of the enemy while maintaining momentum, you will be very happy. There are many areas on the map that are covered until you enter, so you can jump out and ambush unprotected enemies as they enter the area blindly.

It all features 2.5D aesthetics and some very detailed 3D backgrounds, looks and sounds like you’d expect from a series. What’s really happening, depending on how interesting it was to see everyone explode when four players meet and all cause different explosives, especially if the frame rate doesn’t drop on the PS4. It will be difficult to confirm.

Worm Rumble is fully committed to customization and unlocking, allowing you to fine-tune the look of your worm and gun in a variety of paint jobs. You can also choose from regular worm voices for both worms and game announcers.

But it’s not perfect. The PS4 has a very long load time and I’ve come to the point of restarting the game once or twice because I thought something went wrong. The in-game map is also very large, so you can spend a lot of time looking for someone to shoot across the map. As soon as you get there, it explodes and you may have to do it again.

Worms Rumble is becoming a pretty fun multiplayer shooter. There aren’t many games where you can jetpack on a bunch of fighting worms to drop banana bombs, drop holy grenades on enemies, or hook hooks out of the door (what?). The game is busy and cheerful when you’re in the middle of things, but more importantly, it’s also satisfying to play. It will be available for PS5, PS4 and PC on December 1st, so unless you’re here because of the turn-based mayhem, there are great expectations for this.

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Worms Rumble manages to turn Worms into an action game

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