Worm Rumble Review-Worms have changed (to online shooters)

Worm Rumble – Not the same old worm (Photo: Team17)

Team17 celebrates the Silver Anniversary of the Worm by reinventing it as a 2D shooter that plays with a gun like Super Smash Bros.

This year is the 25th anniversary of Worms, a surprisingly barely mentioned birthday given that former developer Team17 is still thriving. Although new games have been released, Worms Rumble is at risk of being lost shortly after the Christmas rush and next-generation console launches. There’s also the risk of getting the wrath of existing fans, given that the action is performed in real time rather than featuring traditional turn-based gameplay, but thankfully you think Works much better than.

Worms Rumble isn’t just £ 11, but it’s now free on the PlayStation Plus, and Team17 definitely wants to emulate the success of its fellow multiplayer game Fall Guys. It may be a bit optimistic (and I’m not sure why the game was first dedicated to the PlayStation console), but as both a franchise celebration and a fairly radical reinvention of core gameplay, this is It works amazingly well.

For those who haven’t been able to play the worm version in the last 25 years, the original game was a turn-based strategy inspired by scorched earth operations and artillery games such as Death Tank. However, although the structure was turn-based, the action was given about 5 seconds to move the worm or fire at the weapon. Worm Rumble extends this by removing turns and converting worms back into straight action.

That would definitely look like a blasphemy to some worm fans-and it seems strange that Team17 chose to do this at some point in the history of the franchise, but it was repeating the same old formula. Would have been completely accepted-but never as late as they say. Instead of normal gameplay, there’s basically a deathmatch game (or the team version and solo version of the last man), where up to 32 other players compete on one of three very large maps.

Worms behave very much like traditional games. It also gives you access to gadgets such as grappling hooks and jetpacks to help you move your map quickly. However, I now always have a baseball bat for close quarters battles and knocks. Get off a small obstacle. There are fewer ranged weapons in the game than before, but classics such as explosive sheep and holy grenades are still there and can only carry two at a time, but the map has an additional collection. Goods are scattered.

However, the effects of artillery games are completely gone, and you no longer have to manually calculate ammo trajectories, even with weapons like bazookas. Given that this is a very fast action game now, it makes sense, but it’s a shame that there’s no more environmental destruction. Some will blow up, but they are all background objects and you will not be able to scrape the map itself until part of the map is unnavigable.

The worm’s DNA is still good enough to be familiar. And most importantly, the resulting hybrid game is a lot of fun. The action isn’t that nuanced, but the map is big and complex, so learning where to run, hide, and ambush adds some tactics. Playing as part of an experienced team isn’t quite random, but it’s like a version of Super Smash Bros. with a gun.

Worms Rumble-Fall Guys Clearly Influential (Photo: Team17)

In Worms Rumble, price doesn’t matter (assuming you pay for it), so the main issue instead is lifespan. The action can be fun, but it’s undeniably simple, and with only three maps, you’ll feel that no matter how big the map is, it’s pretty fast and enough.

There are plenty of Fall Guys style unlockable items that you can customize and dress up your worm, but there’s nothing else to work on. Team17 promises a future free DLC that may add new items and maps drawn from the long history of the series, but all weapons are unlocked from the beginning.

I already have paid cosmetics, but I don’t have a Battle Pass yet-although that may be unavoidable at this time. Worms Rumble looks a bit weird way to celebrate such an important anniversary, but to be honest, we’re not a big fan of the original, but of turn-based and real-time elements. I’ve always found the combination quite awkward.

If you were to create a spin-off for just one or the other, you would have done it on a turn-based basis, but going in the opposite direction creates a lively and unique multiplayer fun. I don’t think anyone will play Worms Rumble in 25 years, but if Team17 can maintain a stable supply of new content, it can still affect your love affairs.

Worms Rumble Review Summary

in short: The official and surprisingly successful reinvention of the worm, which freely transforms slower-paced originals into attractive stupid multiplayer.

Pros: The map design is very good and most weapons are fun to use, even if they are completely unbalanced. Cute graphics and pretty low price.

Cons: Disadvantages: The action is simple and lacks tactical nuances. There are only three maps at launch, and nothing else to aim for other than unlocking the appearance.

Score: 7/10

Format: PlayStation 5 (reviewed), PlayStation 4, PC
Price: £ 10.99
Publisher: Team17
Developer: Team17
Release date: December 1, 2020
Age rating: 7

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Worms Rumble review – the worms have turned (into an online shooter)

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