Worms Rumble Guide – 7 Key Tips and Tips for Winning –

Worms Rumble was released today on PS4, PS5 and PC and is one of the free PlayStation Plus games in December 2020. Far from the turn-based tactical old worms, the Rumble is a real-time multiplayer action shooter with backflip, wall jumps, and rolling by crouching on a small worm ball.

You can read the beta preview here, but it’s basically as busy and explosive as you might expect. You should have no problem finding the game. Worms Rumble is free for those with a PlayStation Plus subscription, but this console version also enables PC cross-platform play.

Don’t worry if Worms Rumble Beta isn’t available. We have some useful tips and tricks at hand to help contain some early wins.

Worm Rumble Tips and Tips

Keep moving

The most important things to keep in mind when playing Worms Rumble, like most multiplayer games, are: Almost Never stand still. When you’re on the floor, you’re an easy target, not only because you’re not moving, but because you’re caught up in the splash damage of unaided explosives that you would otherwise have missed. Always remember to jump, backflip, and most importantly, as there are several options to avoid incoming fire …

Keep rolling

Rolling is fast and makes the worms rumble target smaller. Not surprisingly, it helps you quickly evade the map and dodge attacks, but you can also use it to escape unsuccessful battles. In addition, you can quickly join the battle to clean up enemies that have already been damaged. .. Pay attention to the stamina meter so that you don’t run out when charging towards the target. This often results in an embarrassing death.Of course, most of what you have to keep moving most That’s what you need to do in time …

Know when to stop

Most of your time at Worms Rumble is spent running, rolling, and jumping, but standing still may actually cure you. The most satisfying killing is to find someone around the corner, plant the worm’s legs (?), And remove them with a targeted shot. It’s more accurate when it’s stationary, but it’s more vulnerable, so compare the risks and rewards. If you have a huge rocket launcher, it’s time to scarper.

Start swing

With sentinels, sheep, and bazookas around, it’s easy to forget the modest length of the tree, the baseball bat. You may not be able to hit the stratosphere with a worm to hit a home run or scoop the surface of the water, but instead of reloading, you can use the worm to end the worm. Even better, you can deflect the grenades at the right time, but you still have to provide the music for home runs yourself. However, I don’t want to be completely dependent on the bat, so …

Get a gun

Guns are so important when it comes to shooting other players with Worms Rumble, so you’ll want to pick up some. Sure, you’ll spawn with one, but you’ll usually find the best gun at each level. Picking it up has two advantages. One is to have a larger and often more powerful gun.And second, it means someone else Do not You have a big gun because you have it.

Remember where your weapons appear on the level and be sure to check them on your way to the next battle. You also need to pay attention to ammunition. If you come across a perfectly good unused gun between battles, it may be worth the switch, so return to full ammo. Maybe you should while you are there …

Get everything else

Other pickups include mobility such as grenades, grappling hooks and jetpacks. In worms, rumble grenades are invaluable for a variety of reasons, including bouncing into horns and small corners where enemies are hiding, and destroying worm-filled rooms with banana bombs and holy grenades.

Jetpacks and grappling hooks not only move much faster, but also become much more difficult targets when rocketing on someone’s carpet or swinging like Tarzan with a rocket launcher. Very convenient. On top of that, they’re really so much fun, but like any other, to get the most out of the possibilities you’ve really just gained …


You need to know how the weapon works. For shotguns, instead of shooting someone from a distance to start a battle, approach and abandon yourself before firing. Worms Rumble gives you plenty of opportunities to ambush and surprise your enemies. The largest of these is the area on each map that is covered until you enter the enemy. You can pop out with a shotgun, place one or two sentries to surprise invertebrates, and use them to sneak up on enemies.

Are there some worms that are fighting? Maybe they do a little damage to each other and throw some grenades instead of barges, burning guns and catching fire. Even better, drop some explosives and the ninja will rope immediately out of the door, pretending to be Batman, leaving only the explosion and the screams of the little worms. You earn style points-from me, not from the game, I give you style points.

And here are 7 tips and tricks. With a little practice with these, you should be on the right track to win the Worms Rumble.


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