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Worms Rumble rethinks turn-based classics as a real-time arena shooter. It’s arcade, colorful and very lively. I’d like to tell you that this is the definitive worm battle royale, but so far, Last Worm Standing is my most disliked of the three modes actually offered. Nevertheless, I think it’s a pitch.

To balance the fact that so many people are packed together, 32 players are blasting each other in a surprisingly vast 2D environment with a very complex architecture. There is a shopping mall and a subway station with trains. There are vents, elevators, secret areas and you’re covered by players until you’re inside. This can mean a nasty surprise. You spawn with one of a handful of weapons, but there are many other weapons scattered around. Since this is a worm, there are not only rifles and shotguns, but also bazookas and the infamous Holy Hand Grenade. Baseball bats are for melee attacks.

Deathmatch is where it is when you ask me: while you die, respawn and die again, the clock is ticking, sometimes grabbing gear and maintaining a perfect two-weapon loadout. , And end as many other worms as possible. Weapons are very unbalanced-basically give me a bazooka, and I’m the king for the next 30 seconds, and 30 seconds is a long time in this game-but this is as much as a precision shooter It’s a comedy case. Even if it feels a little junk, it’s difficult not to have fun. There are in-game events, but as far as I can see, no one pays much attention to them. The secret is to keep moving. Use rolls to get out of trouble and use it in combination with a shotgun to pull out old Gears multiplayer dance and blast numbers.

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Last Team Standing and Last Worm Standing can end much earlier than Deathmatch. If your team isn’t clicking, you may not get much of the game in the first mode. I’m a very poor player and have been consistently washed away from the second mode within a minute. They’re still fun, but Deathmatch seems to be the real attraction here for most people-Churn feels just right and is consistently the easiest game to find a match.

Between actions, level up your costumes, voices, and various small pieces to unlock and level up your weapons through use. I think this only offers new cosmetics. Worms rumble is so fast that it can be difficult to pinpoint details, just as you haven’t spent a lot of time on gadgets such as jetpacks and different types of ammunition. The arsenal seems to be violent and fun, with many nods to the classics for fans of the series. I’m curious if the concrete donkey has somehow succeeded.

The strange thing about worm rumble is that it completely destroys the worm. Sure it’s very violent, but turn-based worms are all momentary games. It freezes when an enemy attacks you and freezes when you plunge into the abyss. Worm rumble is so fast that individual moments can be blurred and lost. But I’m having fun-it’s a lot-and the fact that the game is a PS Plus giveaway and there is cross-play means that there are a lot of people stuck. The levels are beautiful and the actions are often sublime. Someone was interested in this game, and it shows.


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