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The multiplayer franchise worm rips a turn-based rulebook in favor of real-time 32-player cross-platform combat as the worm rumble debuts on PS4 and PS5 as the PlayStation Plus title! Participating in Team17’s invertebrate invasion on Tuesday, December 1st is a Just Cause 4 open-world adventure, a unique spin of a 3v3 shooter in the form of a rocket arena.

All games are available from Tuesday, December 1st to Monday, January 4th. Let’s take a closer look at each.

Worms rumble

This is a worm you’ve never played before, with fierce real-time arena-based 32 player cross-platform combat *. In addition to a variety of weapons popular with fans such as bazookas and shotguns, a whole new addition to the arsenal will cause pain to invertebrate enemies as they rank up. Customize your worm, then take part in seasonal events, daily challenges and community collaborations to earn additional XP and rewards and join the lab’s experimental game modes. Get ready for Deathmatch and Battle Royale. Only a holy grenade away from death!

Just Cause 4

Worms Rumble, Just Cause 4, Rocket Arena are December PlayStation Plus games

Dive into an action-packed open-world sandbox experience and confuse Rico Rodriguez’s wide selection of weapons, vehicles and equipment as he dive into the exotic climate of South America. From rainforests to deserts to snow-covered peaks, explore the secluded Solis of South America, a 1024-square-kilometer exotic playground, in a gloomy battle full of conflict, secrets, and immense danger. Let’s do it. Use environmental conditions such as dangerous tornadoes and tropical thunderstorms, as well as unprecedented in-game physics to take advantage of extreme weather events. Attach a strap to your wingsuit and equip it with a fully customizable grappling hook to get ready to bring lightning!

Rocket arena

Worms Rumble, Just Cause 4, Rocket Arena are December PlayStation Plus games

Rockets dominate all of this explosive online * 3v3 shooter and never get out of action. Try a roster of amazing heroes with unique rockets and the ability to dominate the arena. Learn how to time evasions, guide targets, discover new strategies based on your squad, experiment with in-game items such as rocket magnets, tripmines, and speed boosts to change the course of your battle. Gain experience to unlock rocket parts, totem parts and epic costumes to customize the look of your hero. Combine powerful artifacts to level up and provide heroes with impressive new stat boosts and effects. Dive into knockouts and enjoy classic 3v3 competitive action, or practice your favorite combo against RocketBots first. Score goals with Rocketball, control the zone with Mega Rocket, and compete for gold with Treasure Hunt.

Free online multiplayer weekend

PlayStation Plus Multiplayer Weekend

Also, members other than PlayStation Plus who own PS4 or PS5 games with active online multiplayer mode or features will be able to try them out for a limited time next month. We will be hosting a free online multiplayer weekend from midnight (local time) on Saturday, December 19th to 11:59 pm (local time) on Sunday, December 20th.

* Online multiplayer requires an internet connection and a PlayStation Plus subscription (sold separately). The fee will be repeated until canceled. Age restrictions apply. See / legal / ps-plus-usage-terms for full terms and conditions.

Worms Rumble, Just Cause 4 and Rocket Arena are your PlayStation Plus games for December

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