Worms Rumble Review –

Worms have been the flagship of video games for nearly 30 years and are now a typical British series with turn-based roots on one side, trying to capture more modern viewers.

Instead of dropping a squad of invertebrates onto a highly destructible battlefield, this new worm game is approaching the trend of multiplayer battle royale. More importantly, it’s all real-time and boldly ignites the official name for the worm.

Worms Rumble is best described as a 2.5D shooter familiar to fans of this genre. This is very similar to one of the PS3’s favorites at the time, the Crash Commando. Going back further, it’s a bit like Soldat, but even more like the Worms Rumble open beta that I previewed a few weeks ago. Shocker.

You and up to 31 other murder mini-beasts fight with trademark worm weapons and, of course, the cheerfulness of traditional and non-traditional worms. The result is a combination of chaos and control. At one moment you can get the worm clean with two properly placed shots, but at the next moment you just trip into a drunken octopus-like room and take yourself out. It’s certainly much faster than the normal line turn-based team strategy of worm games, but it still sounds and looks like a worm.

A simple tutorial is provided to perform a simple gauntlet while learning how new players can fire guns, throw grenades, and navigate the maze-like arena of Worms Rumble. For those familiar with the series, it’s more agile to keep the flow of action, but it’s familiar to move small squeeze soldiers. You can roll it up on a ball or bounce between walls to avoid enemies. These techniques also help you set up an ambush. Jetpacks also come back with grappling hooks, increasing the tension of those one-on-one duels as you zoom in fiercely and try to clip rivals with stray projectiles.

It seems that there are only three maps in Worms Rumble at the moment, which is a shame, but the maps that exist are at least really good. In addition to being large and full of different environments for blasting, they are also some because you can’t see inside places like vents or cubicles unless you’re inside them. Filled with areas covered for secret sneak. Leave a trap or wait. Each map also has some kind of interactive element, where huge rockets are launched in the middle of the match, changing the landscape. A lot of attention and attention has been paid to the design of the map here. I wish I had a few more at launch, down to the details of the background, like the cars entering and exiting the parking lot you’re fighting.

Similarly, there are currently only three modes available. There is a standard deathmatch with 32 players, while the other players are Last Squad Standing and Last Worm Standing. The latter two are basically battle royale, choosing where to spawn. When the map section is closed by dangerous gas, the action gradually concentrates on one area. All the modes offered are very fun and can really work with a team of players who know what they are doing, but some team-based modes do harm. It is not. At least the team’s deathmatch, maybe even the flag.

One of the places that feels quite fulfilling is the arsenal. From shotguns and assault rifles to worm flagship products such as sea launchers and holi hand grenades, worm rumble has 10 different weapons. Each weapon behaves and processes differently, with shotguns firing projectiles in an arc and hand cannons slowly firing powerful shots. As a result, players need to adjust their playing style according to the weapons they have, as if they had encountered a long distance. Fighting with a shotgun or close combat with a plasma gun can be a pain.

Worms Rumble is not an easy game, so it’s important to keep this in mind. There are quiet moments while looking for a worm to shoot, but it’s still interrupted by an explosion in the surrounding room or a clear sound of a worm rolling somewhere nearby, but in most cases it’s fast and desperate. It’s an action. Bullets whistle in the air, bananas explode, sheep run around, and missiles pass by most encounters. This is a one-on-one skirmish. Even if you think you’re a worm a worm, three more worms can suddenly emerge from vents and cubicles to join and bring rockets and jetpacks with you. It’s absolutely glory.

Worms are not the only bugs found here. Nothing breaks the game, but frame rate stutters and occasional stripes of server instability can disrupt the game flow. Apart from these issues, this is the most multiplayer fun I’ve ever experienced. Sure, it’s cheerful and ridiculous, but it can also accomplish some pretty impressive feats. It’s not just the usual long-range, high-precision shots, as you can literally deflect a rocket with a baseball bat, or tie yourself with a rope with amazing precision. What I’m getting is that it’s a skill-based game. It’s not just chaos, it’s chaos that you can plan, use, or get through with clever play.

The worm rumble has a progression system, but it only unlocks new cosmetics and other bobbins of the worm, such as headgear, eyewear, skins, costumes, and player cards. Worms Rumble allows you to make your engagement more valuable with more look options and free Battle Passes, but it’s a hook enough for players to come back.

When it comes to visuals, it’s exactly what you’d expect from Team17 in 2020. The vibrant colors, bold characters and environment are in harmony. Worms Rumble is a punchy soundtrack featuring a properly cute voice and a modern version of its classic Worms theme, accompanied by its tough fight.


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