Worst Sports Game Trends in 2020: AI Somehow Got Dunbar

Now, this is one of the few split decisions from this year’s vote. The community went in one direction with the worst sports game trends of 2020, and staff went in the other direction. The vote of our staff determines who will win the award “officially”, so that means our vote wins the headline, but again we go to the community. That said, the worst sports game trend in 2020 was that AI was somehow annoying, even when going to the next generation of consoles.

Now, is this trend a continuation of developers, or do we want more focus on “users”, or is the focus on online mode less focused on AI enhancements? I do not know. In any case, it’s strange that AI got worse in some way when jumping to the next-generation console. For example, a recent Madden patch focused on next-generation path coverage because the secondary AI was so bad at boot time. This was even more pronounced as the “users” were slightly weakened by how the new mobile system worked on these consoles. Again, I like the movement changed in the general sense, but if the AI ​​doesn’t support that more “realistic” movement, then all the flaws in the secondary AI are “users”. And elicit unrealistic movements to cover two or three routes in one play.

To NBA 2K21 Pick and roll defenses are terrible for next-generation consoles. Again, part of this is movement related and the AI ​​Defender is no longer a mind leader (which is good!), But now it’s out of position or to help in most respects. Is too slow, so you can play all the games that lead to people pick and roll and succeed against AI at any difficulty.Helps the overall defense take a rough shape NBA 2K21 It’s strange to see the next generation and the most common parts of the two games (path defense in Madden and pick and roll defense in the NBA 2K) so far behind.

We’re not analyzing how AI Sixers aren’t performing the right number of post-ups for Joel Embiid, and we’re not discussing how Aaron Rodgers isn’t fully testing secondary in the field. We won’t go into the main points of the NFL playcall here. It also doesn’t explain how a 2K defender can slam a non-shooter instead of turning into a deadly corner shooter. No, we know that people perform a lot of pick and roll in NBA basketball games and throw in a lot of passes, so about the aspect that should focus on top-notch AI right out of the box I’m talking. NFL game.

If these issues hadn’t happened in these next-generation games, the staff would have been in line with how the community voted, but the lack of a clear step up in AI is in stark contrast. I felt it was a target. future. (2K has improved AI in terms of floor spacing and other components, but if you want to read more positive thoughts about the game, you know where to find them.)


Well, about that community vote …

Community Voting – Worst Sports Game Trends in 2020

  1. Community feedback is unheard of (38%)
  2. Unsightly game launch (21 percent)
  3. AI teammates are confused (20%)

Yes, “I can’t hear the community feedback”, so I’m winning the community “award” here. “I can’t hear community feedback” can take many forms for people, so I left it a bit vague in design when making a choice. You may not know where the community provides feedback or complaints, or where to go to get the latest updates from these studios. This can also mean that the community doesn’t think the right game design choices are being made, so the final product isn’t focused on what they think makes sense. .. In short, the community feels like they can’t hear their voice.

Personally, I don’t think this is the worst trend, but I can admit that it may be too close to the source. Not everyone is attuned to me. Moreover, you can’t contact a spokesperson or community manager like me to get an answer to your question.

This is also another thing I might just be numb in some respects when it comes to the launch of an unsightly game. I’m hoping that the major release date patches and, in most cases, some will break a bit at launch.Nevertheless, I thought NBA 2K21The launch was humorous in that regard in 2020. NBA 2K21 This was one of the smoothest in a few years, and some wondered if 2K might have understood the whole “launch”.But then NBA 2K21 It was a big mess in that the next generation appeared and there were bugs and lags. It was only 12 people worldwide who could even find a PS5 or Xbox Series X at launch.

Not all sports game launches are a hot mess, but we understand that the bad ones really stand out, so we can see why this still got so many votes.

On this “worst trend” topic, no matter where you land, you can agree that there were still many problems with sports games in 2020. Still, overall it’s not as depressed as last year. Well, in 2020 there was a lot of crap that went beyond sports games, so that might be a matter of perspective. So sports games were like my happy place, even with the turmoil around me. However, comparing the locations of sports games from the beginning of 2021 to 2020, I think sports games are in a good place overall when they start moving here.

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