WoW Factor: Five Ways of WoW Classic

Throughout its life Wow classic We have built an interesting relationship with the future.It’s not just because it was, and it was always a clearly backward-looking piece. World of WarcraftHowever, the game was basically released as a complete product, and all the balance adjustments for the last patch were completed. What remained was not what would happen in the future, but what the player would do within the expected and planned content phase.

But now along those same lines … the game is over. The final content patch has been released. Naxxramas are currently on the market. In short, we are looking at what a truly perfect product is, achieving the defined objectives of a traditional server.

So what happens next? Well, it hangs the story! Or, more precisely, there are some potential stories because there are some options that Blizzard developers might use and there is no certainty. Let’s take a look at the future path. Wow classic Not surprisingly, a few more months later, as people will need a little more time to clear those Naxxramas.

If we were completely honest, you would probably have been prepared before.

Option 1: Full progression server

In about 6 months, we will move on to the next stage. Burning crusade, And that means the game is accelerating again. Therefore, Classic has become a more familiar model of progress server, with only one bit of progress before moving on to the next layer as before.

This has the advantage that new content is constantly flowing to Blizzard. However, this also means explicitly rewriting the core of the game to make sure you haven’t used Classic for that long. Some people really wanted to live forever with this version of the game, and forcing an upgrade feels a bit like a breach.

I’m not sure if this is exactly a good option, as the game changes dramatically over time and people get angry at the idea that Classic is basically a time-limited time capsule.

Option 2: Transfer options to The Burning Crusade

So the game turns on A few Server with Outland. You can transfer to these servers for free.However TBC The server is one way. Therefore, you can choose the era you want to play and stay there forever.

This option is a lot of floating options and has the obvious advantage of not disabling old content or why people wanted to go back to classic games. At the same time, it has the major drawback of requiring a much larger number of servers to continue running. This puts an additional burden on Blizzard and begins to complicate some extensions.This is because the existing version of Classic’s server population has been thrown out of the bang Also It probably means that you need to release another version of the client.


Option 3: Eternal Museum

All of these, for the sake of fairness, assume that there is a future other than what already exists. I don’t think so. I’m talking about the future of the game, but the future a year later is similar to the present, but it may be older.

This doesn’t seem to be one level, as it feels a bit sick to think of spending next year without positive movements in live service. (Probably feel More It’s off if Blizzard didn’t leave the game’s “retail” branch suffering for that long, but now it’s plunging into a completely different development branch. However, Blizzard’s assumptions that he doesn’t want to do this and players who have been excited about the classics for a long time are not completely satisfied with leaving the game for a long time.

So you’ll be a little surprised by this … but only a little. Some of the players who wanted the classic could basically buy that they were completely happy with the classic as a maintenance mode experience.

Option 4: New old content

I’ve talked about how the classic experience can continue beyond the final content phase, but then I’d like to say that these suggestions (and this suggestion) make some implicit jokes. I would like to emphasize what it means. As you’ll see in the last entry, there’s nothing implicitly requiring the game to keep getting new content. It’s completely believable to leave things here just by declaring that the game is complete.

But at the same time, it is plausible that this progress can be seen in a somewhat similar format. RuneScapeIncludes additional content and patches. In other words, Classic remains the starting point for a version of the game that keeps its old mindset while incorporating new ones.

Of course, the caveat is that you need to create a subset of the content that you feel is suitable for classics. It’s actually a classic. It sounds like a contradiction from the premise. As such, this proposal remains a half-jokingly serious proposal.In other words, for all the work involved in pulling out the permutations of TBC, Will be less annoying to developers than this hypothesis.

But, well, isn’t it amazing?

Rich does it without doing anything.

Option 5: Reset to zero

Last but not least, you can get the content of this progression server in another way and have your existing classic server prove that it has a different capacity and time limit. Full wipe and restart to zero after a period of time to raise Naxxramas and related content over and over again instead of once for fixed gain.

The underlying problem with this particular idea is that people who are willing to go up to 60 at one time may be willing to do so a couple of times, etc., through a bit of relevant content. Is to have. No one really likes the idea of ​​losing the hero’s progress. It’s even more pronounced if this isn’t what everyone expected before it went on sale. Ambushing a player with the news that the character will be reset will feel unfair. Especially if there is no long-term impact of doing all the work first.

However, we guarantee that those who really like the particular incarnation of this game will have something to rely on and new goals to drive.It May Whether accurate or not, the designer will ultimately feel what the player wants.

So which is it? Well, I don’t know.One of the first two most It’s likely, but until it’s actually clear from Blizzard, you’ll eventually guess and rock in the dark. The most obvious thing is that we are now in a solid place in the finished product.And I’m going to enjoy some progress updates along the Naxxramas path, but in the end is It will be the content to be resolved.

And at that point, something more needs to happen. Or at least you don’t have to announce anything as a plan.

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WoW Factor: The five paths forward for WoW Classic

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