Wow revenge makes me ask if a bad guy deserves to go to hell


That’s right all Shadowlands anima extracted as people’s pain juice?
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While playing the video game, I really didn’t have to think about the condition of the corpse in my country, but still, while walking in the Rivendress, the vampire belly dwellers and they in Shadowlands I learned where to fit into a death bureaucracy, I couldn’t help but connect. Revendress is a miserable place, and it is not possible to decide whether to leave it alone, abolish it, or reform it in some way.

First, let me say that the zone itself is cool.I loved the moody and gothic aesthetics Interview with a vampire.. I wear Anne Rice’s novel and Tom Cruise’s protagonist Restat’s film depictions, snobbies, spades, high faltin, family, as they are vampires of their own parental type. I blame you for loving the line so much, and the Riven Dress it’s a spade. If Revendreth wasn’t a pain and guilty ossuary, I wouldn’t like anything other than drinking blood from the best crystal goblets of these Nosferatu lookin’-ass motherfuckers, lamenting the excess stickiness of riches.

These look like people who

These look like people who “definitely” say a lot.
screenshot: Blizzard

Now that I’ve chosen the deal, I’m deeply nostalgic for the door of shadow, the signature ability of Revendress. Now that you can teleport to hard-to-reach places to reach the chest, or teleport from the path of a huge enemy that you couldn’t do alone, I wish there was a way to maintain access. thought. At least that power while still in the zone.

The quest is not boring either.It feels like Wow The pacing team knows that players will ring 60 long before or shortly after arriving at Revendress, “make this campaign fast so people can get out of here and already choose a contract. Let’s do it. “And I thank you Wow Respecting my time, as a result, Revendreth looks like a red smear in my mind, compared to the zone where I took a little more time and attention to unfold the story.

But what Revendreth’s story lacks in time makes up for influence. And what an influence!

Revendress is the hell of Shadowlands, and the worst souls are sent for punishment and perhaps rehab. Newly arrived people engrave their real names and cheating on “sin stones” and are then sent throughout the zone to be punished. The method of punishment depends on the sin that the soul has committed in life. They can be trapped in graves, hunted for sports, or chained and metaphysically tortured. Anima, the lifeline of all Shadowland territories, is extracted during this process of torture and is used by everyone else, including the rest of the world, to continue to function properly. Wow.

When the souls are sufficiently punished, they can get angry themselves to continue the cycle, are judged irreparable and sent to Moe for eternal punishment, or the other 3 You can climb into one of the two zones and start a new posthumous life.

A monument to all your sins.

A monument to all your sins.
screenshot: Blizzard

There is a quest where you have to find Ventil’s hidden sin stone ordered to conquer, read it aloud, and catch it. I wondered if the stones were soaked in some magic that I could be reluctant to heel my enemies until it turned out to be just my fear and shame. I was confused as to why everyone was afraid of their sins in hell. Those who are mortal feel afraid of the mistakes they have made. It is mainly due to the desire to avoid punishment and community criticism when those bad deeds are revealed. But in Rivendress, why is it enough to conquer someone with their simple reading, when everyone is already dead and guilty? “Hey, buddy, I don’t know what you’re crazy about, we’re all haters here.”

Even if the character you’re trying to capture is laughing trying to use her sin stone against her, she’s guilty of killing her daughter when you read aloud. She expresses pain and regret, and at that moment you trap her. I think that’s the cause of my conflict about Rivendress. It was proud to have overcome her sins and was probably angry after atonement for those sins, but nevertheless, even after the Atonement, the reality of her actions in life causes suffering. It is a character that can be used for. So what’s the point of revenge dress? Is it a place of true rehabilitation, or is it a place where sadistics can get kicks to torture others under the guise of “rehab”? It reminds me of the conversation surrounding the American prison system.

Rivendress is a huge American prison. The condition is inhumane, prisoner labor (ala anima) is elicited by cruelty, and at least for those who are sent to Maw or who are angry with themselves, there is no realistic path to true rehabilitation. .. I think prisons (and police officers) need to be abolished, meaningfully addressing social issues that lead to crime and violence, and establishing programs for restorative justice after crimes have been committed. Due to my natural tendency to abolish the corpse state, I want to immerse myself in the whole revend dress … whatever level of oblivion occurs after death. But I need to wonder what restorative justice looks like to dead people. The central tenants of restorative justice are criminals in communities that work with people and are affected by their actions. How do dead people do this? Some people just don’t have sexual intercourse, and what should they do?I haven’t been saved so much, so I don’t think people who are really abominable are suitable A few A kind of punishment after they die. If Revendreth was working as intended, it’s probably the best option.

But when I got there, Revendreth wasn’t working as intended, leading me to the next tension with the zone. When it comes to committing really scary shit, you have no choice.


Don’t believe the lies of Denatorius.
screenshot: Blizzard

Upon arriving at Revendreth, it was clear that its leader, Sire Denathrius, was not active, and the rebellion he ordered to subdue was actually a “good man.” You can see this “plot twist” away from some leagues, but it is still forced to kill a small number of people from the rebel factions on their side.know Wow It’s not the kind of game that players can choose across races, classes, specialties, and factions. Also, letting the “good guys” go forever will not even break the top 10 bad things the game has brought to you. The last 16 years. But at least I wish my character could say or do something as a gesture to disagree. For example, whenever a bad actor is letting me do what I have to do, I can choose a balloon to express my discomfort. At least in Bastion The zone I hated the most, I had some choice-or at least the illusion of it.

After my first trip through Shadowlands, I swore Ardenfield as a contract, but I wish I, I, and Ash had a place where I felt I could belong. Bastion is the place where good people go to wipe out everything that has made them good. No. Maldraxxus sounds exhausted In that endless battle. As I’ve already explained, revenge dressing is difficult. Arden Wheeled I’m the most peaceful place in my posthumous world because I’m essentially a very good doggos psychiatrist in all universes, but Shadowlands is still imperfect without a home I feel completely average. Like some huffle puff lands, you can hang out forever, not too good or bad, before climbing anywhere else.

Where is the posthumous world? I’m tired after adventuring in four zones, climbing Torgast, and avoiding prison officer assassins in Moe.

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