Wow Shadowlands Leveling Guide-Strike the level cap fast

with this Wow Shadowlands Leveling Guide, You will have the opportunity to Reach the current level cap as soon as possible.. But before we delve into the subject, Discuss what it means to be a World of Warcraft player..

It takes a lot of time and patience to become an RPG (role-playing game) specialist..First of all, some communities Members take the time to create a “perfect” hero.. as a result, They check all options for character customization Move the settings until they are within the acceptable range. afterwards, It can take hours to days to choose the correct name Terminate this process.

The second part of RPG is when you invest. Complete the quest and level your man / woman.. You may be fascinated by the various parts of the folklore of each NPC (non-playable character) you meet. Moreover, if done correctly We immerse yourself in a new fantasy setting As we continue talking, that changes.

Thankfully WoW comes with the entire package Regarding RPG content. First, you have the opportunity to choose between two factions that are in eternal conflict. Therefore, If you want to join an Alliance or Horde, you will automatically get some friends / enemies..

further, It’s an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game, so you’ll meet many players... Most of them have “AF Kings” in different parts of the town. Most notable is every year The story gains more lore as they add more extensions To keep things interesting to the player (like Shadowlands).

This article describes the options you can use when creating your character, new changes, and tips for improving your experience.

Choose race and class

In addition to the two major factions (Alliance / Horde), Each group comes with more options to explore.. First of all, You have a classic lace.. If you want to join the alliance, you can choose from Human, Dwarf, Gnome, Night Elf, Drainay, Wagen, and Pandaren. On the other hand, if you plan to join the horde, you can choose from Orcs, Trolls, Toren, Undead, Blood Elves, Goblins, and Pandaren.

for example Each race has its own side and has no meaningful effect on the game.. For example, you can get a little more “reputation” with Humans, but you can achieve the same goal with other options. Most notable, You should choose a lace that looks more attractive to your taste..

afterwards, You have the opportunity to choose a character class.. These roles represent a unique archetype It seems that almost every RPG has it. For example, warriors are known for their close quarters combat capabilities and the effectiveness of weapon processing.

This time, you can choose from Warrior, Hunter, Rogue, Mage, Warlock, Druid, Shaman, Paladin, Priest, Monk, Demon Hunter, and Death Knight.

Recent changes to the WoW Shadowlands Leveling Guide

In recent patches Blizzard developers have made some basic changes to the leveling process.. Among these new additions are:

  • New starting point: In the “old days”, each time you chose a race to start your journey, the beginning of your journey was different. For example, if you start with a human, you’ll appear on the outskirts of the Storm Wing and slowly move elsewhere until you reach the capital. Players from the same faction are now appearing in the same place, sharing “tutorials” with all different races.
  • Level squish: Another innovation is the new level cap. This time, instead of reaching level 120, you only need 50. With recent changes, new players shouldn’t be afraid to see the numbers if they want to start in WoW Shadowlands.

In addition to the two main differences, all new players follow the same path.As a result, with this Wow Shadowlands Leveling Guide, You can do it Follow the same location to reach the level cap.. First of all, You challenge the “reach of asylum seekers” This is a tutorial format. In this place you will learn the mechanics and basics of various games For your class.

Then you Join the rest of the community on the Battle for Zeros map (Kul Tiras for Alliance, Zandalar for Horde). By completing the quest and following the story, Reach level 50 to learn more about WoW’s recent events..

Reach the level cap quickly

In this part of Wow Shadowlands Leveling Guide, We will give you Various tips It can lead you to get a level cap in a few hours.

  • Heirloom: You can find NPCs selling unique items at specific locations in Azeroth (Undercity for Horde, Ironforge for Alliance). These heirloom offer special features that increase experience points by performing quests and killing “mobs”. It may seem expensive at first, but it’s a great help when leveling your character.
  • Alternating quests and dungeons: You can sometimes queue dungeons while completing quests from different parts of the map. Between these two activities, you can gain a lot of experience and better armor.
  • Join the party: Quests / dungeons with real friends tend to reduce the time it takes to reach the level cap. Especially if you need to defeat an enemy in a particular quest, each mob you earn will count towards the entire party. As a result, you can save time in the area and move to more difficult locations.
  • Inn: If you leave the character standing in one inn, you will see several “Z” s near the portrait. After a while, you’ll be “well rested” and gain additional experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about WoW Shadowlands Leveling Guide

When will the new Shadowlands expansion arrive?

The current release date for WoW Shadowlands is November 23, 2020.

Do I need to purchase a previous expansion pack to play Shadowlands?

No, WoW’s previous extensions (from Burning Crusade to Battle for Azeroth) are free for all players.

What is WoW’s current level cap?

At the moment, the level cap is 50. When Shadowlands arrives, it will change to 60.

How can I increase the leveling process?

You can buy heirloom, alternate quests and dungeons, join parties, and put your character in the inn before logging off.

A Guide to WoW Shadowlands Leveling

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