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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Certainly it could be a loot from previous expansions. We are here to help, as you may be at a loss trying to find the specific one you want! If you want to get bulbous necrolays, infected necrolays, and pest necroleys, you need to hatch the necroley eggs. But finding eggs can be difficult! Thankfully, there are several ways you can claim it, but unfortunately there is no guaranteed way.

Where to find Necroley eggs

Necroray eggs can be found in duty bound tributes and ambitious tributes. These can be cultivated from challenges at Maldraxxus and training at Maldraxxus. These boxes contain random equipment and items, and if you’re lucky you can put these eggs in them.

Currently, we do not know the possibility of eggs falling from an ambitious tribute. The current percentage of duty limit tributes has a 1.2% chance, but the sample size is only a few thousand. Anyway, the chances of getting this egg are pretty low!

If you hold this egg for 3 days, it will become a oozing Necroray egg. You can right-click to open the egg and get the mount. The mount is randomly selected from Bulbous Necroray, Infested Necroray, and Pestilent Necroray. Therefore, be sure to keep the eggs in your bag until they ooze out to make sure they evolve properly. I don’t know if this is necessary, but I want to play safely for very rare mounts.

Especially if you are looking for this item, it is highly recommended to cultivate a tribute to the limits of your obligations. A tribute to ambition is a simple quest with a chance to drop it, but I don’t like it appearing to rarely appear. Duty bound tributes are at least likely to spawn and are still fairly easy to cultivate! There are also many consumables and items for the Forge of Bonds. So, as long as you cultivate your tribute, you’re getting some great stuff!

WoW Shadowlands Necroray Egg | Where to Find

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