Wow: The wrath of the Rich King Pandemic Board Game is now available for pre-order

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King-A pandemic-style board game is coming this year, and players can pre-order the game now. Board game adaptations that employ WoW’s second expansion pack settings and characters and use the rules of the popular pandemic board game series will be retailed for $ 60 and will ship by November 30, 2021. ..

It’s still a bit strange to get a board game version, given that the Wrath of the Lich King is to stop the undeath plague and the pandemic series is to overcome the deadly global virus, but it’s It’s a very sensible partnership for the 2021 2008 MMORPG expansion.

The previously teased Z-man Games has released details on how board games are played. Players need to work together to overcome the Rich King’s Undeath Army. Each player plays the role of various Azeroth heroes such as Varian Urin, Thrull, and Sylvanas. Each hero has its own abilities, and players collect hero cards in the game. This allows players to get new equipment, mounts, potions and other items to change the course of the battle between Arthas and his zombie minions. The game runs on a detailed map of North Lend featuring various forts, battlefields, temples, and other locations from Blizzard’s iconic MMO.

The game uses many established pandemic-style rules and mechanics, but one of the all-new mechanics is the introduction of quests. Using dice and hero cards, players travel through the frozen waste of North Lend to complete quests in the form of battles with monsters and destruction of ancient relics. Meanwhile, he approaches the Ice Crown Citadel and confronts Arthur himself.

Fans can pre-order games through the Blizzard Gear Store, Z-man Games, and Target.

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