WRC 9 Get Trailer for Next Generation PS5 Awards Celebrating PS5 Release

WRC 9 was released today on PS5 with the launch of the console, and to spread the word, Nacon and KT Racing have put together a new next-generation praise trailer for great racers.

The new trailer was captured on the PS5 as an in-progress version of the game, so it may look better to run on your own console.

I was in charge of the WRC review on the PS4 and enjoyed it enough in the review that it turned out to be a very good 8.5 / 10. Please read the reason. Or watch the video review below. Your choice …

PS5 coverage will be delayed a bit as we haven’t actually put the console in the hands of the team, but we look forward to a follow-up review of the WRC 9 on PS5 next week when the console is released in the UK. Europe.

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WRC 9 Gets a Next-Gen PS5 Accolades Trailer to Celebrate PS5 Release

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