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Toyota’s Sebastien Ogier launched his final World Rally Championship campaign by achieving a record eight Monte Carlo and 50th WRC wins in his career.

The defending drivers’ champion broke the record of seven Monte Carlo wins set by his previous enemy, Sebastien Loeb.

On the final morning, a single loop of two stages greeted the field, with a crystal sky and a healthy amount of snow and ice reminiscent of the classic Monte Carlo background.

Ogier declared victory in three of the four stages. This includes a very important power stage that adds five additional points to both his own score and, for the first time in WRC history, the total manufacturer’s championship.

Elfyn Evans of the UK finished in 2nd place, finishing 1-2 for Toyota overall and 1-2-3 for power stage points.

Hyundai’s Thierry Neuville counterattacked from the first few days of difficulty to lead resistance to Toyota’s Jaguar Note and finally finished third overall alongside rookie co-driver Martin Widege. ..

The Belgians won a fierce victory in the penultimate test of the day, but instead of putting pressure on Evans a second, they chose to settle on the bottom of the podium.

Kalle Rovanperä’s Toyota finished fourth, with Dani Sordo’s Hyundai splitting him from Toyota’s junior driver Takamoto Katsuta’s fourth Yaris.

At the finish line of Entrevo, Ogier celebrated such a groundbreaking achievement and was impressed. “It’s not a bad end of the weekend,” he said.

“The car was great. I really enjoyed the weekend. It was so much fun that I think I’m going to cry now.

“I think it was a good decision to do another year. The team is great and I want to thank you all.”

Alongside Teemu Suninen’s Fiesta WRC, the chance for M-Sport to reach the podium at the opening stage of the rally disappeared from the side of the mountain.

This forced Gus Greensmith to fight alone to finish in 8th place as the last of the Top Runners after a performance he wanted to put behind him as soon as possible.

In 7th place overall, WRC2 category winner Andreas Mikkelsen held the steering wheel of his Tok Sport Skoda Fabia.

Like Ogier, a Norwegian veteran started the event as an odds-on favorite and pressured himself to dominate the category in his bid to return to the 2022 Works WRC seat.

At WRC3, Yohan Rossel overcame a slow horror after the right rear tire came off the rim in the middle of the final stage, but got enough of his fellow Citroen driver to claim victory. ..

WRC Monte Carlo Final Results

position class driver team gap
1 RC1 Sebastien Ogier, J.Ingracia Toyota Gazu Racing WRT 2 hours 56 minutes 33.7 seconds
2 RC1 Elfyn Evans, S.Martin Toyota Gazu Racing WRT 32.6 seconds
3 RC1 Thierry Neuville, M. Wydaeghe Hyundai Shell Mobis WRT 1 minute 13.5 seconds
Four RC1 Kalle Rovanpera, J.Hart tune 2 minutes 33.6 seconds
Five RC1 Dani Sordo, C.Del Barrio Hyundai Shell Mobis WRT 3 minutes 14.2 seconds
6 RC1 Takamoto Katsuta, D.Ballit Toyota Gazu Racing WRT 7 minutes 01.3 seconds
7 WRC2 Andreas Mikkelsen, O.Floene Toksport WRT 7 minutes 23.6 seconds
8 RC1 Gus Greensmith, E.Edmondson M-Sport Ford WRT 8 minutes 21.1 seconds
9 WRC2 Adrien Fourmaux, R. Jamoul M-Sport Ford WRT 9 minutes 15.8 seconds
Ten WRC2 Eric Kamiri, FX.Buresi Sports & you 10 minutes 36.0 seconds
11 WRC3 Joan Rossell, B.Full clan 11 minutes 47.1 seconds
12 WRC2 Nikolai Gryazin, K.Alexandrov Movisport SRL 11 minutes 59.6 seconds
13 RC2 Joan Bonato, B. Boulouud 12 minutes 56.3 seconds
14 WRC3 Nicholas Siamine, Y.Roche 14 minutes 50.2 seconds
15 WRC2 Marco Brasua Wilkinson, M.Dare Ohanesian Toksport WRT 16 minutes 15.4 seconds
16 RC1 Pierre-Louis Roubeix, V.Randai Hyundai 2C Competition 18 minutes 16.4 seconds
17 WRC2 Sean Johnston, A.Kifurani Sante Rock Junior Team 20 minutes 25.8 seconds
18 RC2 Olivier Bry, A.Revratti 20 minutes 42.5 seconds
19 WRC3 Hermann Neubauer, B. Ettel 21 minutes 25.1 seconds
20 RC2 Kevin Abbring, P.Tsjoen 21 minutes 59.6 seconds
twenty one WRC3 Cedric de Czech, J.Humble 24 minutes 17.1 seconds
twenty two RGT cup Manugigu, A.Korea 29 minutes 28.4 seconds
twenty three WRC3 Davy Vanneste, K.D’alleine 30 minutes 48.9 seconds
twenty four RC2 Jerome Chavanne, P. Blot 31 minutes 28.2 seconds
twenty five RGT cup Rafael Astier, F.Voclare 31 minutes 35.6 seconds
26 WRC3 Johannes Keferbock, I.minor 32 minutes 05.9 seconds
27 RC2 Daniel Alonso Villaron, Al Fernandez 35 minutes 23.3 seconds
28 WRC3 Giacomo Oriali, L.Granai 36 minutes 20.5 seconds
29 WRC3 Cedric Schran, S.Prevôt 36 minutes 35.7 seconds
30 RC4 Nicolas Latil, J.Degout 37 minutes 02.0 seconds
31 WRC3 Tom Williams, G.Ascarone 41 minutes 08.7 seconds
32 RGT cup Cedric Robert, M.Duval 45 minutes 41.9 seconds
33 RC2 Carlo Borori, M.Imerito 46 minutes 23.8 seconds
34 RC4 Thibault Lefebvre, M.Lacruz 47 minutes 49.1 seconds
35 WRC3 Miguel Diaz-Aboitis, D.San Juan 50 minutes 23.2 seconds
36 RC2 Pascal Eouzan, P. Eouzan 50 minutes 25.0 seconds
37 RC4 Frederick Roussel, G.Dini 50 minutes 31.3 seconds
38 RGT cup Pierre Ragues, J.Pecenti 50 minutes 54.0 seconds
39 RC5 Timothy van Paris, K.Hindricks 51 minutes 01.5 seconds
40 RC4 Sacha Althaus, L.Zbinden 51 minutes 58.4 seconds
41 RC5 Benoit Verlinde, J. Claerhout 52 minutes 14.1 seconds
42 RGT cup Philip Buffon, A.Dunant 52 minutes 41.1 seconds
43 WRC2 Enrico Brazzoli, M.Valor Ne Movisport SRL 52 minutes 48.6 seconds
44 WRC3 Fabrizio Arengi Bentivoglio, M.Bosi 53 minutes 58.8 seconds
45 RC4 Jerome Amade, S.Amard 56 minutes 10.1 seconds
46 RC2 Philip Lou, C.Roux 56 minutes 35.3 seconds
47 RC5 Gilles Michellier, C. Richard 58 minutes 50.2 seconds

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WRC Monte Carlo: Ojiea Seal wins 8th event | WRC News WRC Monte Carlo: Ojiea Seal wins 8th event | WRC News

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