WWE 2K Battleground for $ 12.74

For those of you waiting for the right time to pick up The cheap WWE 2K Battleground may be the best time now. Amazon is currently selling games on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for $ 12.74 after saving $ 2.25 at checkout. The regular price is $ 39.99, which is quite a bargain.

  • Unlimited brawl! Featuring over 70 WWE Superstars and Legends, take your favorites to the battle against unrestrained, hingeless, and face mess!
  • It’s your battlefield! Make the WWE 2K Games game BATTLEGROUNDS your own with customizable parts while creating, customizing and editing your own characters and BATTLEGROUNDS!
  • Lots of matchtypes wage war with a variety of favorite matchtypes with fun new twists, including steel cages, royal rumble, deadly 4-way, and all-new BATTLEGROUNDS challenges!
  • Local and online battles! Take part in online tournaments or bet your claim as king of the battlefield and survive online melee battles with players from around the world! Plus, fight in local multiplayer and dominate your friends!

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I like simple controls. They make sense to me and act like the controls you would expect in an arcade game. Just turn off the Xbox here and it’s the version I played, so punch and kick are X and Y respectively, send is just press A and pin B. Specials and Fishers simply pull the trigger. This includes sending and pin escaping. If you’ve played older 2K games, choosing a control shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Finally, I also like the parrying mechanism that involves pressing RB.

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