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Dave Meltzer Have the latest information on the new social media policies implemented by WWE Because of their talent, they believed they couldn’t have hashtags or photos to promote their products. This includes Twitter and Instagram.

It was first reported Wrestling Co., Ltd. It WWE Announces New Policy on Social Media Monetization of these assets by talent is subject to warning for the first breach, fine for the second breach, and suspension for the third breach.

WWE has clarified its position on the guidelines.The new policy is the same The policies they have had in the last few months For Twitch and YouTube, it is forbidden to work with third parties to earn talent. WWE has already adopted this policy on Twitch, Cameo and other social media channels, but it didn’t specifically include Twitter or Instagram.

Melzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed this on today’s Wrestling Observer Radio. The example given was that taking a picture in front of a car or restaurant would not be a punishable crime unless the talent earned money by promoting the car or restaurant.

“WWE pretends to be contractual ownership of the performer’s portrait,” Melzer wrote. This includes all social media accounts. It doesn’t matter if the talent uses his real name or stage name.

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WWE Clarifies New Social Media Policy for Talent WWE Clarifies New Social Media Policy for Talent

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