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Ric Flair, one of the most legendary performers and arguably the greatest “The Nature Boy” of all time, has returned to WWE TV on a regular basis in recent weeks. This is what he booked at various times in the last few years. Worked with his daughter, Charlotte. Usually, the TV show Ric Flair is good, but the booking of Lacey Evans Angle is very suspicious and may be the absolutely wrong way to book a legendary person.

First, note that there are two ways to reserve Ric Flair’s level with someone in a role other than wrestling. Use him sparingly to prevent repeated nostalgia pops and lose luster, or use him as a program fixture in a particular role to take advantage of the status of a sports elder politician, like Earn. Anderson and Tully Blanchard, which can be installed, are used by AEW. They are presented in a way that does not expose them as ex-wrestlers beyond their prime numbers, maximizing their presence as an industry legend.

The on-and-off fashion that WWE recently aired on television flares has stuck him along the way. He’s already there semi-regularly, so he’s there so often that fans don’t have to scream to see him again, but he’s a long-term fixture that helps him give him trust. Not as often as there is in the rest of the roster. For comparison, the rare opportunity for Steve Austin to be promoted on Raw is a big attraction because of the expectations of seeing him. Conversely, if he is reserved as a general manager or similar role, the audience can coordinate to see what he will do next. Something in between is somewhere in the middle of the road, where flares have been positioned in recent years.

Again, if management wants flare to be a regular character, that certainly has its benefits, but given that he’s not an active wrestler and has a genuine legendary status, he You need to be careful about how is presented. Most importantly, fans respect Flair’s achievements over the last 40 years and don’t want to see him constantly embarrassed on television. This is what WWE does for the vast majority of legends on the show. There’s a subtle line between legendary enthusiasm and embarrassment of them as their shell, such as Batista’s attack on Flair to set up a Triple H match in Leslemania a few years ago. .. The raw legend is shown in a Randy Orton promotion earlier this month.

The flare / lacey angle is ineffective as it is completely inconsistent with the previously advertised WWE story. If successful, it will be minimal at best. Without a doubt, Ric Flair will be a “Nature Boy” forever, but the 72-year-old spectator should believe that 30-year-old Lacey Evans, four years younger than Charlotte, is crazy about it. .. he? The visuals are ridiculous and both look ridiculous. In addition, offices are ubiquitous in Evans’ career path and seem unable to determine her version they want to present to the audience.

She started with the main roster as “cheeky Southern Bell” as a heel, and her performance in the ring, including a short feud with Becky Lynch, was so scary that she eventually got a little off TV. Disappeared during the period. She was then cast as a healthy baby face with a focus on military service and her role as a mother. Without a firm explanation or motive, she is now portrayed as a shaded heel that wants to connect herself with the 72-year-old flare. Lacy’s scripts are frequently flipped, so the admin hasn’t given enough time to establish any character. Sure, she was too restricted in the ring to be on the main roster, but that’s a management mistake. I have to guess, but if someone with her background becomes a well-known star in the organization, the corporate agenda will look great on the sponsor’s conference call, so the office still wants to prioritize her. I think that there.

Don’t get me wrong. It makes sense for a corporate group to want to promote former Marines and their mothers. With a particular focus on women’s empowerment, how does the angle with flare advertise it? More importantly, is she a “cheeky Southern Bell”, a healthy mother, or a sneaky woman who wants to abuse flare? She’s outdated in terms of abilities in the ring, but it’s not necessarily her fault, but the way her personality is a revolving door of contradiction.

Finally, the simplest aspect of why this flair / leshy angle is destined is who wants to boo Ric Flair for all the reasons mentioned above. At some point, even the heels, the legend is over because of the element of respect among the audience. Fans have a recent story of Ric Flair, including his life-threatening health horror, as it was advertised primarily in WWE programming, as viewers know about the actual background of Lacey Evans. I know more about The tremendous ESPN30 for 30 documentaries focuses on the positives and negatives of flare real life. The mainstream public heard about how he was in the hospital with only a 20% chance of surviving a heart problem. Thankfully, Nature Boy kicked out and everyone is happy to see him recover. How do fans get angry with flares? Keep in mind that booking this angle goes against the grain of modern flare perception, as he’s actually become an icon of pop culture more than his active wrestling era.

The biggest question is, if all of this is worth it, is it worth it? At this point in his career, how effective is it to cast flare as a slime heel? After this, will Lacy somehow emerge as the top heel in the women’s sector? If so, how does it gel with a healthy background that companies want to promote? Charlotte is a star, but booking her to get involved in something only hinders her position within the organization.

One of the most common arguments today is the lack of legitimate star power in the WWE roster, but the main part of the puzzle of why wrestlers were starred in the previous era is from management to characters. The audience has the opportunity to make an emotional investment because of the investment. The way to get the TV time investment on track to make a star is to let the viewer know how to see the character, but without a solid direction to sell to the viewer, fans will be emotional. There is no way to invest in a character. If Stone Cold turned the heel three months after defeating Shawn Michaels in the title, was it a successful story for the company? It can be difficult for management to sell a new star to the audience, as it is undecided which character they want to introduce to the audience.

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WWE Contradictory Revolving Door WWE Contradictory Revolving Door

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