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There is another story to add to the wrestling “what if” file. In another world, Dr. Britt Baker DMD would have been the old-fashioned professional wrestler Britt Baker. In fact, WWE encouraged Baker to get a dentistry degree. The rest is history.

Baker explained the story as a guest Nick Cannon talk show.

Nick Cannon: And you really thought about quitting like a dental school, and really everything just to wrestle full time. Why did you change your mind and say that both are the way to go?

Dr. Brit Baker DMD: In fact, it was fate. So I tried it on WWE and it was like a sophomore in my dental school. And I was young, stupid and ready to give up any degree I had to be a professional wrestler. And they actually said to me, “No, we want you to get a bachelor’s degree.” And at that time, it was a knife in my heart. That was the worst word I’ve ever heard. But now I am very grateful. Not only that, but it has taken me in another direction. I am working on AEW, a female champion and a dentist.

During the show, Baker hit Sky Blue with a fisherman’s neckbreaker and taught Cannon headlocks and hammerlocks. She also put the host in a Lockjaw submission.

It’s strange how it shaped Baker’s career. By doing the right thing with careful advice from WWE, they actually helped their biggest competitors. Of course, there is no way WWE should have known it at the time.

This story also makes Thunder Rosa feel like the fate of Baker’s AEW’s biggest rival.Thunder Rosa had a similar scenario she was in Ready to sign with WWE, But her flight was canceled by a hurricane. Thunder Rosa changed her mind.Both women became superstars and ended up at AEW to make our screen bloody popular Light out match To the main event dynamite..

Reach out to WWE about their role in the rise of Baker in the DMD era.

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WWE Encourages Dr. Britt Baker to Get a Doctor of Dentistry WWE Encourages Dr. Britt Baker to Get a Doctor of Dentistry

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