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Liv Morgan vs. Carmella

Road to Extreme rules

Carmella wants everyone to know her beauty, but Liv Morgan wants everyone to take her seriously as a competitor. These two things are clearly incompatible.

A few weeks ago, the tag match at SmackDown ended when Carmella accused Liv Morgan of breaking his nose. Liv Morgan accuses Carmella of being more concerned about her face than wrestling, Extreme rules. Toni Storm was also there.

Carmella’s nose was thankfully broken (frankly, it didn’t look scratched), but she agreed to the match. “Ugo” almost (probably) broke her nose and isn’t going to run away with it!

To include more women (I guess), Liv Morgan went home one-on-one with Carmella’s partner Jelina Vega. smack down But after being distracted by her, she was finally defeated Extreme rules partner.

Now she may be more interested in her beauty lately, but Calmera is ex smack down Female champion. She defeated Charlotte Flair! So Rive may be more interested in wrestling at this point, but if he wants to prove himself to a WWE audience or a competitor like Carmella, he’ll have her work cut off.

What is at stake?

Let’s be real here. Neither of these women will head for the championship run right away, but the winner of this match will tell you in which direction the wind will blow in the women’s division. Are they investing more in the story of Liv Morgan’s lucky vulnerable, or are they more devoted to the “classical” beautiful b * tch story with Carmella?

My hope is that they will go with Liv Morgan. She has grown tremendously in the ring, has a lot of potential, and is on the move to WWE. Both her tag partners were released, but Brass chose to keep her. It’s time for them to give us a reason and give her the right push. Of course, WWE also likes the “shut-up five-stain talked” gimmick quite a bit (seriously, it’s happening on all three brands at the same time), so it’s quite possible they’ll put Carmella.

But hey.At least we play two women’s match Extreme rules. The story may be weak, but the ring is talented enough to see.

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WWE Extreme Rules Preview: Live Morgan vs. Carmella WWE Extreme Rules Preview: Live Morgan vs. Carmella

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