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Ten..Sasha Banks saves Bian Caberal
9..Curlyt enters Royal Rumble
8..Zerina Vega is back
7..Jimmy Uso is back
6..Edge confronts pedigree
Five..Goldberg wants Bobby Lashley
Four..The devil crawls back to WWE
3..John Cena confronts Roman Reigns
2..Becky Lynch surprises Bianca Berea
1..Brock Lesnar ruins the Roman Reigns celebration

There’s no real surprise here — do you know what I did there? — But of course, the shock of Lesner Summer slam Take the top spot. It was a legal surprise to meet him without any words leaking in advance. The early return of Lynch’s night was also great just because it was her first action after her first child was born.

John Cena, Demon, and Goldberg finish the top five almost right, given who created the list. Either way, it’s fun to look back at them all, especially given the crowds that react to them!

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WWE lists top 10 returns for 2021 WWE lists top 10 returns for 2021

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