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Welcome to the first RawTalk summary in 2021! In Raw Talk’s tonight’s episode, the two queens will be on the show, along with RETRIBUTION leader Mustafa Ali. Hosted by Charly Caruso and R-Truth, let’s hear how everyone feels about “WWE Legends Night”.

Charlie returns us to Thunder Dome and introduces her co-host, R-Truth. R-Truth is currently the 46th 24/7 Champion. They still call themselves “char-truth” and I think they should have left that name in 2020. The host summarizes the main night event between Kieth Lee and Drew McIntyre and considers what Goldberg will look like after the match. Then they started talking about winning the Truths 24/7 Championship, and Truth would like to thank The Boogeyman for their support. Charlie then says it’s time to talk about another champion and introduces his first guest at night, Charlotte Flair.

Queen in question

Half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions went to their desks with their father Ric Flair. Charlotte says Rick is there “I don’t know why” and he leaves. Charlotte tells the host that she understands that Rick was trying to help tonight, but she “did not need his help.” The truth is that he is also a father and he understands what the intention was. Charlotte says Rick “just should stand there and be proud” and the truth is wondering if Charlotte has ever had a “hamburger helper without ham” … yes, it really is happened. Anyway, Charlotte wonders why the truth always makes her hungry and talks about being labeled as “Ric Flair’s Daughter” by ESPN before the Triple Threat main event at WrestleMania 35. Charlotte asks why she was so labeled and says she won the match tonight, before Rick was involved. Charlie wonders if Charlotte wants to prove she’s more than Flair’s daughter, and Charlotte tells her she wants to be a “female role model.” Charlotte understands his father’s legacy but wants to give it his own name. Charlie thanked Charlotte for stopping by, and the “Queen” left the stage. After that, the theme song of RETRIBUTIONS will be a hit, and the next guest, Mustafa Ali, will join the host.

Will not you join

The RETRIBUTION leader joins the host, thanking him for “doing the bare minimum” and starting with a correct understanding of his name. “I’m excited and angry, but most of all, I’m confused,” Mustafa said. He ran down the legend of being there tonight and called them “a man who could hardly walk.” Mustafa’s name wants to drop the young talent who didn’t appear in Raw tonight and see if he needs to hear “whatcha gonna do brother” again. gin! Mustafa continues to hunt down the legend, saying, “This place needs change,” he is. Charlie asks Mustafa to “shake” Ricochet and participate in the contribution, and Mustafa is upset. Ali then welcomes the rest of the retaliation to his desk, with T-bar, mace, slapjack, and reckoning appearing in the photo. Mustafa sends a message to Ricochet telling him that if he tries to change Rho himself, he will “mentally destroy him.” Mustafa concludes by saying, “The only way this place can change is retaliation.” Mustafa blows away the storm as the rest of the retaliation stands there and has an angry look. The truth tells them that the head man is gone, so they can leave now. Charlie tells them not to make fun of them in truth, and the next guest of the show speaks her way.

Do you remember me?

“The Queen of Spades” Sheena Basler sits with her host and appears to be quite upset. When Charlie asks how Sheena is doing, she says, “I’m sick of all this.” The truth asks how many famous horses Sheena knows, and she really works hard not to break her smile. Sheena got serious and when she came to WWE she told her host, “Everyone knows what to sign up for,” and everyone behind her “forgot what I was doing.” Sheena continues to be intense and tells everyone, “None of these broads can hold me a candle.” Charlie returns things to the 2020 Royal Rumble. There, Sheena was one of the last two competitors in the match. Sheena told Charlie that Charlotte won the match because “this is all about her.” Sheena runs down Flair, looks back on her career, and says she understands her better. Charlie wonders if Sheena will declare this year’s royal rumble match, and she tells her that “a good poker player will never show her hand.” Charlie concludes the interview by telling Sheena, “I feel sick for women crossing the road,” and thank you for watching the show turn black.

That’s it for this week’s RawTalk episode. Check out the post-show summary of the red brand here at Rajah.Com next Tuesday.

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WWE “Live Story” Summary: Charlotte Flair, Mustafa Ali, Shayna Baszler Talk WWE “Live Story” Summary: Charlotte Flair, Mustafa Ali, Shayna Baszler Talk

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