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Hello and welcome to again wrestling fan and Raw Talk Recap,! Guests of this episode of Raw Talk are Charlotte Flair, The Hurt Business, and Elias of Jaxson Ryker. As always, Charly Caruso and R-Truth, collectively known as “Char-Truth,” will host the show. Now that we’ve all caught up with what’s going on, it’s time to talk!

Charlie welcomes viewers to Thunderdome and talks about upcoming Royal Rumble events. Charlie says this is RawTalk, her co-host is R-Truth, and he’s still a 24-hour, 24/7 champion. Charlie says it was a really long night and talks about his failed opportunity to AJ style. The truth is, when you look at Omos, you say, “You must respect him.” Charlie begins talking about Alexa Bliss vs. Asuka, and the host is amazed at Randy Orton’s face. Charlie speculates on what Orton’s motives are after such a “horrible” injury and wonders where the devil is. The truth is that everyone involved should “leave it on the table and move with it.” Charlie then begins talking about Goldberg and McIntyre’s long-standing confrontation, and the truth says Ms and Morrison “done.” The truth is, wondering who thinks Charlie will win the match between Goldberg and McIntyre, Charlie chooses Drew. The truth is that he chose Gillberg, “Gillberg got this.” Next, Charlie introduces Charlotte Flair, half of the women’s tag team champions.

Charlotte flair

The “Queen” begins by sitting at her desk and talking about “Personal Trainer Andrade”. Charlie previously asked about the match against Sheena Basler, and Charlotte talks about the history between herself and Ronda Rousey, comparing her past enemies with Basler. Charlie talks about the tag team titles lined up on Sunday, and Charlotte tells her, “If we stick together and handle it, we’ll get the job done.” Charlie asks about Near Jacks, and Charlotte ridicules Nia as “just angry.” Charlotte goes on to talk about Nia’s size benefits and how she “gets the best out of you.” Charlie begins talking about Lacey Evans, and Charlotte tells her Rick, “I think he’s cute and funny.” Charlotte goes on to tell us, “I’ve only wanted to protect my father’s legacy,” as she becomes a little emotional. Charlotte understands that Rick is getting hot and suffering from blonde hair, but he needs to stop. Charlie wonders about the intent involved and the truth shouts, “He’s a nature boy, Wu.” Charlotte stops him, tells him “I know who such a girl is,” and ridicules Lacy for trying to use Rick to promote her career. Charlie asks if Charlotte will be distracted towards the rumble match, and Charlotte tells her “I’m used to overcoming obstacles” and “ready” on Sunday. Is called. They all randomly discuss barbecue and Charlotte leaves. The show will then be attended by the next guests, Elias and Jackson Ryker.

Elias and Chadson Ryker

Charlie asks Elias what his favorite barbecue is, and Elias tells her it’s “Carolina.” Elias and Jackson agree, and Charlie thinks it’s great. Elias tells her that “communication problems are gone.” Elias talks about winning Jeff Hardy and Ricochet at the main event, and calls him a “beast” about Jackson Ryker. Charlie asks Riker about Elias’ leadership, and Riker says Elias is “great.” Elias tells Charlie, “I tell the truth,” and Charlie asks them who they think will beat Rumble. They collectively say, “We’re going to win,” and they both declare a match. Charlie tells them they don’t know if they can declare it that way, and Elias says “Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose did it.” Literally everyone says they’re in it, but that’s okay … Elias and Riker leave the stage and the last guest of the night goes to their desk.

Heart business

The MVP goes to his desk and immediately warns R-Truth, “If you say one thing wrong, it’s turned on.” A replay of The Hurt Business’s last appearance at the show aired, showing the truth to MVP and Lashley that they both seemed to be able to “eat a bag of nuts.” Charlie says she is “happy” that she wasn’t there that week and “allows” the MVP to offer a counter-argument. The MVP says “Do you want to allow it ?!” and Charlie modifies himself. Bobby talks about what the Heart Business wants to achieve, saying, “It’s about dealing with rudeness.” Lashley talks about “dysfunction” within the Heart Business and how Riddle is “not a problem”. The MVP and the truth are looking down, and Bobby keeps talking. Lashley says they “have a title and money,” and sometimes things get a little “tensioned.” The MVP calls it a “speed bump” and wonders what Charlie “forgive now”. Bobby tells her, “Heart business is perfectly okay,” and they both leave. Charlie would like to thank everyone who participated as the show turns black.

That’s it for this week’s edition of Raw Talk Recap. Join us next Tuesday for a bright and early summary of all the new editions! Not only that, you can catch even more with Rajah.Com.

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WWE “Live Story” Summary: Elias, Chadson Ryker, Heart Business, Charlotte Flair Story WWE “Live Story” Summary: Elias, Chadson Ryker, Heart Business, Charlotte Flair Story

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