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Tonight advertised by WWE Performance Center: Bronbreaker fights Tommaso Ciampa for NXT title, female champion Raquel Gonzalez defends against Mandy Rose and Tag Champion MSK said, “Spin the Wheel, Io Shirai & Zoey. Stark, Indi Hartwell & Persian Pilotta & Gigi Dolin & Jacey Jane’s Scareway Match to Hell, Solo Shikoa’s Debut, Mysterious Superstars Announced, Rushing Rush Legends Return, And more!

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WWE NXT October results and live blog. 26

Don’t spare only the ones I love and kill the rest. Let us pay for a global recall of the defective machine. All consumption, hearing impaired, deafblind, and fools, as seen on television. Give us the plague now, give us the plague. We’re evolving and don’t feel embarrassed, but I’m here to live blog this wrestling show for you.

The show begins with Chucky (Brad Dourif’s voiced murder doll) welcoming us to the show, running down the card tonight and promising us a lot of violence.

Indi Hartwell & Persia Pirotta vs. Io Shirai & Zoey Stark (c) vs. Toxic Attractions (Gigidolin & Jacy Jane) (NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship Scarway to Hell Ladder Match)

Toxic attractions rush in and brawl! Things settle down as the Tag Champion grabs the court, and Shirai goes under the ring in search of a ladder! Drin does a non-landing Tihera, Pilotta and Hartwell eventually ladder, but the champion pulls them out with a missile dropkick!

Jane tries to kick the ladder, but she has to take out the side connection bar and knock it down by hand! Indy and Persia put Suplex on the floor and try to take Shirai out, but she DDT both! An underground drop kick to the ladder removes the toxic charm and Io climbs the ladder!

Hartwell’s step ladder climbs back to the ladder, Stark jumps to her, they compete for position, Pilotta installs a large ladder next to them, Gigi pulls her down and lays out with a kick, Stark lays her down. When Shirai jumps on the challenger, on the other side of the ladder with Indy!

The match broke down and Zoe reached out, but the ladder was knocked down and she was crushed! Persia tries to find the best ladder placement, thrusts Stark in one and locks her in the corner before power bombing Drin on the ladder!

Pilotta climbs the ladder, her path is clear, she’s got the title, but Jacey goes under her, pulls her down, and Frankensteiner puts her on the ladder! Jane smashes her with a ladder and she climbs, but Io goes under her and slams her into the ladder! Kebrada on the ladder, Stark goes back and cleans the house with a kick!

Hartwell’s Spine Buster starks on the ladder, she and Io fight on the ladder, she defeats it and puts Shirai on the ladder that bridges the announcement table! Drin on the ladder knocks down everyone and she gets the title …

Toxic attractions win by winning the title and becoming the new NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams rolled into a spooky house and got a video package trying to regain the Carmelo title.

The trick wants to sit down and get away, but Hayes leaves him and brings him closer to home. They were scared of all sorts of Halloween decorations, and we cut where Johnny Gargano and Dexter Lumis were hanging out with the zombie reference Darryl Sharma. Johnny promises that he “did shit at home alone” outside the house.

Hayes and Williams move towards the door before the video breaks.

Grayson Waller is dressed as Dracula and initially misses clues.

He says LA Knight isn’t here, but he’s a backup host and he’s enthusiastic until Joe Gacy interrupts him and picks up the mic.

Gacy says a corrupt heart like Grayson is why Halloween isn’t a very comprehensive holiday, it’s just an excuse to exploit and sexualize people. (Listen carefully, Joe, I’ve spent a lot of time, effort and medicine trying to get this body as hot as possible, and I’ll show it off if I want, damn)

Joe Gacy vs Malik Blade

Gacy manages to overwhelm him, though he blades hot with a dropkick. Get a footage of Harland arriving at the building and sitting in the arena …

Joe Gacy wins a pinfall with a lasso.

After the match, Gacy tells Harland a little bit and says he can be trusted.

There is Kay Lee Ray’s vignette and she complains about the lack of respect that NXT 2.0 has given her.

Grayson Waller is delighted to roam the NXT Halloween party.

Jiro Ikemon and KUSHIDA are confused by the concept of Halloween, but Waller explains that it’s like cosplay, and they seem to understand it. Cameron Grimes dresses up and rolls up an astronaut, scaring some of the girls Waller was chatting with.

The diamond mine is on stage and Malcolm Bivens will cut the promotion.

He says that for such a big show, they have a special treat, the Diamond Mine Open Challenge, where you can challenge the members of the mine after a break.

Returning from the commercial, Bivens asks who will step up.

Odyssey Jones is here! Malcolm tells Jones that his big ass isn’t £ 205, and after some chatter, Lodi decides he’ll be in the match!

Odyssey Jones vs. Roderick Strong

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WWE NXT Halloween Havoc Results, Live Blog: Ciampa vs. Breakker WWE NXT Halloween Havoc Results, Live Blog: Ciampa vs. Breakker

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