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Here’s a place to check and comment on the results along with the latest episodes of WWE NXT, USA Network eastern standard time 8 pm live on Tuesday night.

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Tonight, advertised by the WWE Performance Center: Former tag partners Raquel Gonzalez and Dakotakai are trying to end their rivalry again in a street fight! In addition, AJ Styles is trying to give a clue to Grayson Waller, Pete Dan tries to give Tony Dangero some respect, Diamondmine’s Creed Brothers takes on Grizzled Young Veteran, Trick Williams is Dexter. Face his fears when faced with Lumis, von Wagner acts and more!

Please come back here at 8 pm (Eastern Time). NXT When the show starts in the US, the live blog starts. All running records that occur are now below this line.

Enjoy the show!

WWE NXT December results and live blog. twenty one

I will not disturb you, grow your hatred. And she will scream, scream, and pray, but am I? I’m here to live blog this professional wrestling show for you guys.

The show begins with Tommaso Ciampa in the ring, with a microphone in his hand.

He starts by saying he has something to get off his chest. As the NXT Championship, you are hunting. Everyone is looking at you and the titles you have overhead, but Champa, he’s hunting, so last week he was with everyone who had a title before him. A little different Bron breaker was hunted.

Tom is inviting him to the ring and he wants to say face-to-face, so I know he’s trying a bit to get in the way, but he needs to There is none.

Naturally, it goes into the bron breaker.

Champa says he stopped getting the mic and everyone knows what he’s trying to say — he made a statement in the wargame, right? Tom pierced the table with a spear, pushed him into a power slam and pinned it, 1-2-3? Not only does he want another shot in the title, he’s got it, right?

And in big condition, right, New Year’s Evil, January 4, Breaker / Champa II? Is that what you are thinking? Tom agrees and Bron deserves the title match, so I hope he doesn’t drown like the first. He wants me to remember what he said about jumping into the deep end when he got the second opportunity.

At Halloween Havoc, he exposed the inexperience of circuit breakers in the ring and life, and there is no substitute for time and experience. Bron has all the tools, everyone knows it, but the problem is Tom’s NXT champions, like Sami Zain, Kevin Owens, Shinsuke Nakamura, Finn Baller, Tommaso Ciampa. Is not ready to become.

Everyone who spent 10 years before WWE and then another 10 years at WWE to perfect their skills, and do breakers have 10 to 20 games? And he’s doing great things, so he’s not trying to be rude. He doesn’t know if he’s ready for the bright light and the weight of the world on his shoulders.

One mistake, one comes off the rope, and it’s gone, and he’s sure it won’t happen again, and he knows in Bron’s head that he’s imagining a celebration. And then the reality hits. Champa slaps his face to puncture the statement, Bron grabs Gouzle, the military press … and puts Tom in a nice and easy way and lifts the title belt.

The breaker appears on his face, saying that the blood is in the water and that the shark intends to eat him alive in two weeks.

I got an Instagram video from Grayson Waller. He talks about growing up to love AJ styles, but he’s kind of driving away others, a little too long. He proposes to steal “amazing” taglines and mock style hair.

Dakota Kai attacks Raquel Gonzalez behind the scenes and throws her into several drifting devices! Put your forearm, pick up a steel rod, she shakes it, but Raquel blocks her! Dakota goes to Frankensteiner, and Gonzales turns her around and turns her into a scaffolding for lighting!

Raquel wanders behind her, scoops her up, and the lawn darts her into a storage unit, but Kai reverses, so it turns out that it’s a mistake to go for a while! Pump kick, another, Gonzales thrusts her back with a piece of scaffolding! Scoop lift and snake eyes in the road case!

Dakota throws her miscellaneous things back, Gonzales blows her up with a kick, and Kai barely dodges the road case that follows! Dakota hits her with a trash can, a superkick in the basement, and the referee comes down to warn that the match can’t start from behind while she’s setting up a plastic folding table!

Gonzales thrusts her in a flatbed cart, puts her on it, and thrusts into the garage door! Kai stumbles outside and Raquel chases her and throws her into the garage door from the outside as we go broke!

Dakota Kai vs. Raquel Gonzalez (Street Fight)

Returning from the commercial, the match has reached the ringside and is officially underway.

Gonzales covers Kai with an announcement table cover and goes under the ring for mass looting before settling on the iron stairs. Dakota dodges and hits a pump kick, driving her face into the steel stairs first! Raquel brawling the ringside goes under her in an electric chair, but Kai slips out and stomps her head on the stairs!

Returning to the ring, Gonzales puts a flapjack in an open chair and puts a table in the corner. Raquel aims for a power bomb, but Kai crosses the rope and heads back to Frankensteiner towards the floor! Dakota slides the trash can overhead and goes up to the apron … Double stomp the apron and put it in the trash can!

The inverted face lock is blocked and Gonzales hits the power bomb against the steel stairs! Choking Kai on the table, she throws her back in and chases afterwards, but Dakota kicks her up to stagger her. Raquel flips her over with big boots, another power bomb lift … Power bombs in the trash! finished!

Raquel Gonzalez won the pinfall with a power bomb in the trash.

After the match, Raquel rides on Mike and calls on Mandy Rose to rematch the title right now! She says she gets it and won’t leave until we take a break.

Returning from the commercial, you’ll find Tony D’Angelo’s hype reel.

Raquel Gonzalez is still in the ring waiting for Mandy Rose.

Enter Coke Jade.

She knows Raquel is calling Mandy and she deserves a title shot, but says Toxic attractions need to pay to end her career. The only way is to cut off the snake’s head and get the title. Gonzales says Jade is her girl and she has guts, but when it comes to female titles, it’s all women for herself and she’s not the same since the Halloween turmoil. There was no.

She took care of Dakota Kai. There is only one thing to do. She does anything to get the title back.

Mandy Rose cuts in from the pool and says she knows what she did for the women’s sector and the brand as a whole, not just her title. And in the New Year’s evil, it will be a tripartite for her. Featuring both titles.

And she’s full of surprises, so they also whiplash their ass!

Gigi Dorin and Jacey Jane attack Raquel and Coke from behind! They throw Gonzales through an unbroken table during a street fight!

Get a summary of Harland who threw Brian Kendrick down the stairs.

Joe Gacy and Harland are in a dark room to make a public apology.

Joe says Harland is very sensitive and too upset to speak, but he can see regrets all over his face and they would like to apologize. , Kendrick evoked feelings that brought him back to bad times. They don’t tolerate violence, but Mr. Kendrick put his hand on Harland with offensive language and called him a freak.

He wants everyone to learn and grow from this unfortunate event and thank you for our time.

Grizzled Young Betts is preparing behind the scenes, and James Drake is amazed at the Instagram video created by Creed Brothers.

Zack Gibson says he hates arrogant and cheeky tag teams and plans to beat them with wisdom rather than muscle.

Returning from the commercial, Indi Hartwell is doing well when Persian Pilotta rolls up and tells her that the match has been postponed.

Grayson Waller rolls up and Indy gives it to him to take Johnny Gargano out. He has some random discussions about Australian solidarity and she tells him to worry about AJ styles. Waller provokes Hartwell further, and Pilotta holds her back.

Creed Brothers (Brutas & Julia Screed) vs. Grizzled Young Veteran (James Drake & Zack Gibson)

Julius and Zack started, assemble the mat early, tag Brutus, throw Gibson, tag quick, and upkick Gibson. Julius struck him into the corner, cut him off at the expense of Drake, tagged it, and created a double ax handle hanging from the top for two. Hard whip to the corner, back elbow, corner lariat, spinning wheel kick, zack tag-in, cover for 2 people.

Drakeback, punch changes, brutus with blind tags, waistlock takedowns, knees to ribs! Throw a power bomb … no! Gibson interferes, blind tags, kicks to the kidneys, pushes Creed to the floor, and fights him in a demolition decapitation launcher!

As jacket time passes, we set up a small podium near the announcement desk and take a break.

Returning from the commercial, jacket time will be placed in their improvised commentary booth while GYV works on Brutus. Briggs and Jensen go down the slope to watch the match, Drake squeezes it with a front-chancery, and Brutus gets a tag to the backbody drop and Julius! Running hot, the brothers slap each other for a quick tag, power slam … no!

To the floor, Julius quarrels with Gibson, James jumps into them, Zack wants a power bomb, but Creed reverses and Jacket Time gets into it with Creed! Pushed into their desk, the match collapses …

Perhaps the match will be out of context.

Briggs and Jensen join the fight as all four tag teams fight on the ringside!

Carmelo Hayes was interviewed behind the scenes.

He says Trick Williams is fearless and not afraid of Dexter Lumis. Williams says he has this, and he’s not a punk going to be in the trunk. Lumis always looks around and thumbs up. Tonight I’ll push my thumb up to my butt.

Dexter appears on the TV next to them and surprises them, and we go for a break.

Dexter Lumis vs. Trick Williams

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WWE NXT Results Live Blog (December 21, 2021): AJ Styles Calls WWE NXT Results Live Blog (December 21, 2021): AJ Styles Calls

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