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Here’s a place to check and comment on the results along with the latest episodes of WWE NXT, USA Network eastern standard time 8 pm live on Tuesday night.

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Tonight advertised by WWE Performance Center: SmackDown’s Isaiah “Swerb” Scott defends NXT North American Championship against Santos Escobar, NXT champion Tommaso Ciampa breaks into Joe Gacy’s safe space, Kyle O’Reilly with von Wagner Tony Dangero, who teams up with Pete Dan and SmackDown’s Ridge Holland, has been invited to Rush Legend guests for “Lashing Out” and more!

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WWE NXT October results and live blog. 12

So you think time has passed, the life you lead will always last. Under its rocky hills, chaotic fusions, clouds, open skies, and winds of your soul flow through your watering eyes. Sounds are thrown at the end of time to attract you to your endless journey, but me? I’m here to live blog this wrestling show for you guys.

The show begins with a footage of Hitlow jumped by Legard del Fantasma earlier today.

They have kidnapped Topdora and B-FAB, and Santos Escobar wishes Isaia “Swab” Scott good luck in tonight’s game.

From there to the intro video.

Joe Gacy is talking about a safe place again. He says he will defeat Tommaso Ciampa, walk the beacon of toxic masculinity and championship privileges, and represent his snowflakes. can not. Joe Gacy is a great wrestler, a trash that aims to tell you exactly what the people who run the show think about people like me and most of my life.

Joe Gacy vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Offended, blocking shoulders, Gacy looks for a sleeping car, and Champa goes back to the standing arm bar. Joe fought with his forearm and turned the whip upside down, but covered Tom with a smash on his forearm and followed with a backbreaker for two! Wear boots to the corner champion while the former Parker Budo stares.

Champa takes advantage of the distraction and puts his boots on Gacy in the corner, followed by a running knee! Joe wants to take a break, but he tries to pick up Tom’s leg, but fails and quarrels on the floor. Champa hits his face into the announcement table, turns back inside, rolls down, drops kicks, tramples his hands, and hits his face with a club hit!

With the rope off, Tom drops his toes and twists Gacy’s head back toward his overhead elbows! Joe counterattacks, removes the big rock bottom from the corner, pickets the apron, and follows up in the sentry when we rest!

Returning from the commercial, Champa controls, pulls Gacy up and throws it back in, corner lariat, competes for position, and chops his forearm in the middle of the ring! Pump kick, unrope, Tom meets him in knees, rolling elbow boots, Joe hits a sweet Doc Turbom … not enough! From the top, a champa with an underhook, inside out, a jackknife pin for 2 people, no one is at home!

Gacy with a pump kick, a handspring, but Tom competes with an underground drop kick! Underhook …

Tommaso Ciampa wins Pinfall in the fairy tale ending, keeping Halloween Havoc a single match between himself and Bron Breaker.

After the match, Harland joins it with both men, but retreats after googled Gacy.

Toxic charm creates their entrance.

They ride a mic and talk about how Gigi Dolin and Jacey Jane steal the tag title from Io Shirai and Zoey Stark at Halloween Havoc, and Mandy Rose challenges Raquel Gonzalez for the NXT Women’s Championship. intend to do something. Make history with gold around the pretty waist.

And one more thing, her hair color doesn’t matter. She is the worst bitch in the game.

Xyon Quinn makes his entrance to send us to a break.

When you return from the commercial, you’ll see a vignette talking (in a distorted voice) so that someone can shovel through the woods to fill the past and resume.

The video ends with the Halloween Havoc bumper.

Malik Blade vs. Zion Quinn

Quinn slammed the blade early on, continued to put pressure on him, and then took control of the control. Malik removes the missile’s dropkick, leaving two schoolboys, but Xyon pops him up with a thrust spine buster! Line him up …

Xyon Quinn flew his forearm and won the pinfall.

Tommaso Ciampa was interviewed behind the scenes.

He says he doesn’t know what to think about Joe Gacy, but that doesn’t matter because he dialed in to defend his title at Halloween Havoc.

Grizzled Young Veteran rolls up and Zack Gibson says he can’t wait to see him lose the title he fought hard to return to the rookie. Bron Breaker said he would roll up and fight now, but Zack asked based on the fact that they were dressed in the streets. Breaker tells Champa that he wants to beat Tom in the best possible condition and will stick to him until the Halloween turmoil.

Diamond mines make their entrance to send us to breaks.

Returning from the commercial, Isaiah “Swerve” Scott was interviewed behind the scenes.

He says he knows what happened, Hitlow is a soldier and they say they’ll be okay. He was excited to fight Santos Escobar, and he intends to take the title to SmackDown with him.

Ivy Nile vs Valentina Ferros

Waistlock, standing switch, Ferros looking for a leg pick, Nile shrugs her, and Valentina has a dropkick in the corner. Away from the rope, the crossbody is caught and Ivy turns it into a delayed vertical and jumps up! Whip hard into the corner, choke her with a turnbuckle, followed by a seated sentry! The upkick counterattacks the leg pick and Ferros counterattacks with a desperate punch, but Nile scoops her and hits her!

Leg picks, roll-throughs, Argentine backbreaker racks after the struggle, crouching, Ivy bends her in half …

Ivy Nile wins by submitting at the Argentine backbreaker rack.

After the match, Diamond Mine gathers in the ring and Malcolm Bivens cuts the promotion.

He hype Ivy Nile, then Creed Brothers, and finally Roderick Strong. He passed through a strong mic, —

Jiro Ikemon interrupts.

One of the beliefs cuts him off and he says he needs to earn it and he is always tied up, so what do you want to do about it? Jiro clocks him with his forearm and runs away when we go for a break.

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WWE NXT Results Live Blog (October 12, 2021): North American Title Match WWE NXT Results Live Blog (October 12, 2021): North American Title Match

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