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WWE Monday night raw We’re back in our lives tonight (December 20, 2021) from the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. First day An event scheduled for January 1, 2022.

Tonight’s ad: Maryse joins Edge in the episode “The Cutting Edge” and AJ Styles & Omos will be guest appearances in the latest episode of “MizTV”, Rhea Ripley vs. Queen Vega, Finn Balor vs. Austin Theory, Bianca Belair vs. Dolph Ziggler , Damian Priest vs. Dolph Ziggler and more!

Please come back here at 8 pm (Eastern Time). Raw When the show starts in the US, the live blog starts. Here it is below this line. ((((Note: There is no longer a ban on GIFs or images in live blog threads. Feel free to post. )

WWE Raw December results and live blog. 20

When it drips on the floor at the front door, it feels like you can touch it. All too noisy, the seeds sown are no longer yours. It’s time for me to live blog this wrestling show for you, everyone.

The show begins with a summary of Bobby Lashley’s participation in the title match on the first day of last week.

Rushley, as usual, is surrounded by Montel Bontavius ​​Porter and creates his entrance.

The MVP rides on the mic, telling the crowd to stand up and praise All Mighty, and praise him for defeating Big E, Seth Rollins, and Kevin Owens the same night.

Enter BigE.

He took off his saying hat for Rashley and said he put himself in a title match, doing everything he said he was going to do last week, but sticking to his claws There is something. You see, Bobby Lashley he knows is strong and dominant and has a lot of sisters (do we really need to call back to that gimmick), but in the ring he does it all himself. increase.

Bob says he would have won regardless and lets the MVP admit that he did it himself and didn’t need help. Don’t misunderstand him, he’s not a saint, he won. He remembers when Porter said he could beat the Big E and wanted to see it happen in a competitive spirit.

Rushley leaves the ring, E confronts the MVP, and holds the wand high like a bat. Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens attacked and beat Bob and threw him into the post! Big leaves the ring and saves Bob, but is overwhelmed by his heels! Eventually Rushley recovers and they take the heel to the ring and send the packing.

Get a summary of Dadrop’s feud with Bianca Belair.

Bianca will be interviewed behind the scenes.

She says she’s been on the lookout for prizes since she came to Raw, but Doudrop is looking at her. After all, she’s an EST, and no matter how many times Doudrop attacks, she won’t take her out. This “last” chapter ends in the same way as the previous chapter.

She makes her entrance and we go for a break.

Returning from the commercial, Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens walk and talk about Bobby Lashley when they meet Sonya Devil and Adam Pearce.

They book a tag match, Rollins and Owens vs. Rushley and the Big E, to overcome the complaints of Seth and Keb.

Bianca Belair vs. Dadrop

The shabbing match turns into a forearm and is an attempt at KOD from Berea, but Dadrop escapes to the floor safely! Back inside, her shoulders pierce the corners, her back falls into an apron, her forearms stagger her, and Bianca cross-body away from above, but she gets caught up in the world’s strongest slums … no!

Action on the floor, before and after, Berea with a spine on the floor sends to break us!

Returning from the commercial and competing for position on the turnbuckle, Berea wants a sunset flip power bomb rejected, trapped in a corner, and a cannonball-carrying dadrop … no! When she’s beaten down, Bianca fires at the corners, sticks out her shoulders, sticks out the crossbody from the corners, and does a handspring Moonsault press!

Powerbombs, Vader bomb attempts, Dowdrops with Argentine backbreaker racks no one at home …

Bianca Bereal wins in a pinfall with KOD.

Austin Theory encounters an interview behind the scenes.

He says he feels like Vince McMahon’s luckiest superstar in the world, and he considers him a future WWE champion.

Finn Balor makes his entrance to rest us.

Austin Theory vs. Finvaler

There is a kick in the corner, a whip, a big elbow spreads the theory to the floor, and he chases after that. Austin hits his face against the apron, puts it back inside, and puts it in a double-legged punch! The theory is to hang your neck on a rope with a scrabble, then attach your punch and come back!

Apply double stomp, two-person cover, corner lariat, snapmare, and reverse chin lock to crush the fins. Remove the rope, roll into a sunset flip, an underground dropkick, Lariat sends Austin to the floor, Valor heads for a penalty kick, but it’s a trip on the contrary!

If you hang the DDT from the apron, it will break.

Returning from the commercial, Theory puts Valor in the corner, activates, lariat, flips the whip, flies the forearm, puts the double leg in the double stomp, and the fins are fired! A rolling thunder drop kick cuts him off, punches a corner, and Baller beats him to an apron, but is cut off with a turnbuckle!

Arabian Press Avalanche Spanish Fly, Austin takes a selfie on the cover and flips … no! Inverted headlock elbow drop, shotgun drop kick, uptop fins …

Finn Balor won a pinfall with Coup de Grace.

Get a summary of MizTV from last week.

When I see Miz chatting with Omos behind the scenes, I’ll yell out how AJ Styles looks on the same page and I’ll be back in the title image by the end of the year. Omos says he can’t wait.

Mizu makes his entrance and we go for a break.

Go back from the commercial and get a summary of last week’s SmackDown.

Miz starts MizTV by telling Maryse that she loves her.

From there to the usual intro spill.

Tonight, AJ Styles and Omos are guests.

Omos throws his chair out of the ring and Mizu points out that they haven’t been on the exact same page lately. AJ says they got a little off track, but that happens, and he’s proud of this tag team, and he wants to clean WWE’s house and take all the titles. increase.

Styles turns it around and asks who is harming his children’s mother. Mizu is indignant, pointing out that AJ took 15 years of hard work to sign, and Omos was a giant and came to pick him up soon. Styles calls him full of BS and they are honest, but …

Enter the mystery and destroy us.

AJ Styles & Omos vs. Mysterio (Dominique & Rey Mysterio)

Style and Dominique start, collars and elbows, AJ lags behind the takedown, but Mysterio has some forearm shots! Style with arm drag and backbreaker! Whiplash, Dom gets caught up in a cobra twist and he goes out and makes a tag! Ray is hot and Tihera, a drop on the back puts him in an apron, puts a slingshot, and a tornado DDT connects!

Step into the rope, connect 619, mysterio goes up, dive splash, kneel! Style wants tags, but Omos isn’t working …

Mysterios wins a pinfall with AJ-style Rey Mysterio schoolboy pins.

After the match, AJ appears on Omos’s face, beats him, and the big man pushes him down! Styles illuminates him with a rope strike, he is pushed back and a firefighter’s carry drop!

Omos rides on Mike and says that the next time AJ sees him, he will play against him.

Randy Orton makes his entrance to send us to a break.

Returning from the commercial, Austin Theory had a headache in front of Vince McMahon’s office, but eventually decided to pass by.

Chad Gable vs. Randy Orton

Gable and Orton are reversed by arm squeezing, Chad is drop to hold, and Randy goes to the floor! Going back inside, a gable with an arm is dragged into the arm bar, the waist lock is blocked, and Orton drags his arm …

Randy Orton wins in a pinfall with RKO.

Raw is 3 hours long, so get a summary of the first segment. (3 hours)

Bobby Lashley is behind the scenes of MVP.

He says he intends to defeat hell from Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins. If Big E looks at him interesting, he will also defeat hell from him.

Damian Priest makes his entrance to send us to a break.

Damian Priest vs. Dolph Ziggler

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WWE Raw Results, Live Blog (December 20, 2021): Cutting Edge WWE Raw Results, Live Blog (December 20, 2021): Cutting Edge

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